FIFA 16: featuring woman’s teams

The most notable change to this years FIFA is clearly the inclusion of woman’s teams – and if your itching to try them out, you need a lot of Fifa coins, and there’s not long to wait.

EA has announced a demo will be available from the 8th of September. The demo will feature two woman’s national teams, 10 club teams and three stadia.

The woman’s national teams are:

United States
The woman’s national teams will only be able to play against other woman’s teams.

The club teams are:

FC Barcelona
Borussia Dortmund
Borussia Mönchengladbach
Chelsea FC
Inter Milan
Manchester City
Paris Saint-Germain
Real Madrid CF
River Plate
Seattle Sounders
The stadia are:


CenturyLink Field
Santiago Bernabeu
There are a few different game modes on your Fifa 16 account. You can play the standard match in the form of Kick-Off, but you can also try your hand at FIFA Ultimate Team Draft, FIFA Trainer – a mode designed to help improve your ability and Skill Games – mini games to play during loading screens.

You can also experience Bundesliga Broadcast Presentation which EA describes as “authentic broadcast graphics when Borussia Dortmund visits Borussia Mönchengladbach at BORUSSIA-PARK”. This is only for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One though.

FIFA 16 launches September 22nd for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.


FIFA 16: bronze-only tourneys

People use Bronze teams on UT because they don’t have better teams, want to play in Bronze-only tourneys, want a challenge (i.e. 0 chem bronze team) or to pace abuse with obscure forwards. No one uses a Bronze team for an extended period of time to play normal matches with.

People might support those teams IRL. Look at footage of the average “professional women’s football match”. How many supporters do you see in the stands (if there are any in the first place)? People will only use women teams in FIFA for the novelty factor and you know it.

Play Seasons. Nearly everyone uses Real Madrid or Bayern Munich, the 2 best teams in the game.

They bump the ratings of certain players and leagues because of popularity and competitiveness anyway. MLS teams/ players are habitually overrated compared to many top league players in the top European leagues because they want them to be competitive and fun for quite a big potential market. I don’t see why it would be a problem to do the same here, it’s not like the game is very realistic as is, might as well make those teams fun to play as if you’re going to include them.


3 stars is 1/2 a star away from the lower ranked PL teams who’re much better. It’s the same as many European teams in top leagues who’re much better. If we were going for total realism they’d be lower IMO. That being said it’s more the players towards the top than the teams I have a problem with Fifa coins. Look at Giovinco who was a 76 because he started at Juve this season but who is absolutely ripping up MLS and is clearly a step above many of those more highly rated. Players like Keane, Donovan, Dempsey and Defoe are higher rated than they would be if/ when they were playing in Europe. It possibly has more to do with it being easier to stand out in MLS than any direct attempt to make them overpowered but they’re still higher rated than a lot of players who’re clearly playing a lot better at a higher level of competition.

I think it’s a cool feature to have in the game! Obviously it’s not a huge improvement, but I like to think they would save those bigger announcements, such as changes to game mechanics, FUT, or career mode, for later on when they officially unveil the game as a whole. This is just one game mode.

I don’t care what you guys think, this is fucking awesome and a good step forward for gaming and society. fut16coin highly doubt this is what they consider a killer feature och what will change the game, they will definitely work on other things, but it feels good to make the game more inclusive even though at this point in time the women’s leagues won’t be played that much.

How do you think about FIFA 16 Demo

The next installment of EA Sports’ highly-regarded FIFA series comes out on September 22nd, but there’s good news for FIFA fans who know that’s not nearly soon enough. The demo for this year’s game will be released September 8th, and it should have enough content to hold you over for the next two weeks.

EA Sports just revealed everything that the FIFA 16 demo will include, and there’s more than you’ll need to hone your skills before the game comes out.

You’ll have your share of some of the most popular clubs in the world to choose from, because nobody wants their first experience with FIFA 16 to be playing as Sunderland.


Chelsea FC
Manchester City
La Liga:

Barcelona FC
Real Madrid CF

Borussia Dortmund
Borussia Mönchendgladbach
Seria A:

Inter Milan
Ligue 1:

Paris Saint-Germain
Argentine Primea División:

River Plate

Seattle Sounders

USA (Women’s)
Germany (Women’s)
The addition of women’s teams is one of the many new things in FIFA 16, and you can get your first taste when the demo comes out. They will only be able to play against each other, but that’s ok when one of them is the best in the world.

Kick off: The usual fare. Jump right into the action you know and love.


Ultimate Team Draft: A variation of the game’s most popular mode. You will pick from one of five formations, then select from one of five players at each position if you have enough Fifa coins. Don’t forget to take into account chemistry, which factors in things like nationality and club team connections.

FIFA Trainer: We talkin’ about practice. Hone your skills and prepare your trash talk while you wait for the full game to come out.

Skills Games: A nice way to gloss over the dreaded loading screen. While previous iterations have had a free kick mode for you to mess around with, you can now get a taste of the six new skills games. Yes, we’re still talkin’ about practice.

Presentation: Get the full Bundesliga experience when you pit one Borussia team against another. In the same way games like NBA 2K and Madden have upped the pre, post, and in-game presentation, soccer’s getting in on the fun as well. This feature won’t be available on PS3 or Xbox 360.

Stadiums: Choose from Borussia Park (Borussia Mönchendgladbach), where you can get the best Fifa 16 account, CenturyLink Field (Seattle Sounders), or the historic Santiago Barnabeu (Real Madrid). Pit the Sounders against River Plate at Madrid’s stadium for an experience you could never get in real life.

There you have it. Sorry if this has you itching to play a demo that hasn’t even come out yet, but technically it’s EA’s fault for putting this information out so early. Get ready for the kickoff on September 8th before the full game comes out September 22nd.

The upcoming FIFA 16 demo

EA Sports has revealed what will be included in the upcoming FIFA 16 demo, which is set to launch on September 8.

You’ll be able to jump into a single Kick-Off match, take part in a FIFA Ultimate Team Draft, and pick up some tips in the FIFA Trainer mode with Fifa 16 coins. During the loading screens you’ll be able to play one of six new skill games. There’s also a Bundesliga Broadcast Presentation, featuring special broadcast graphics in a match between Borussia Dortmund and Borussia Mönchengladbach.


The following clubs will be available in the demo:

FC Barcelona
Borussia Dortmund
Borussia Mönchengladbach
Chelsea FC
Inter Milan
Manchester City
Paris Saint-Germain
Real Madrid CF
River Plate
Seattle Sounders
Germany (Women’s National Team)
United States (Women’s National Team)
Note that women’s teams can only compete against other women’s teams.

Your stadium options will be Borussia-Park, CenturyLink Field, and the Santiago Bernabeu.

The demo will be available September 8 on Xbox One, 360, PlayStation 4, 3, and PC before the full game’s release on September 22.

IGN has all the information about the upcoming FIFA 16 for you. Here are the most important changes in the game from Gamescom earlier this month.

CM Features of FIFA 16

I just hope player career mode gets something added, it’s so bland.. play, sim, transfer, repeat, theres no challenge to it…

It’s funny how they mention in a tweet saying ‘Big news about Ultimate Team!’ Please God make Career mode the best thing since football was invented…

Based on their previous developments it’ll probably be a system where the youth academy is unlocked by spending a massive amount of points earned in FUT.

Allow Manager to Player interaction – for example, when a player asks to play a certain game allow the manager to let them know he won’t be playing that game but the following game.

Make World Class difficulty playable without all the insane CPU passes and annoying scripted plays.

Include U21/YA leagues or fixtures to allow the non-loan players to get some game time.


Thanks for the info! I still play on Professional as I enjoy it more than the hard graft of World Class/Legendary. I turned the sliders (pass error, gk ability, marking etc) up to around 75/80 and it seems to work. Although i simulate most games nowadays. I just want a difficulty thats just right for my performance level without the need to edit the sliders.

I currently still play on World Class because Legendary is just too boring for me – almost every game ends in either 0-0 or 1-0. However, World Class is getting too easy for me and the scripting is really annoying.

Honestly guys, don’t get your hopes up. Ultimate team has been and always will be the money maker for EA. Career mode would only be drastically improved if they could get some sort of financial benefit from it. I’d personally love it if they brought back the creation centre, or added an in-game editor so you can fully customise your own career mode if you have enough Fifa 16 coins. Unfortunately I don’t see anything like this being added to FIFA 16. Now I do really hope I’m wrong, because I hate being a pessimist, but all I’m trying to say is set your expectations low.

FIFA 16: Fluid Formations

I can’t tell yet. Gameplay wise I usually prefer PES, but I’m not seeing much improvement over last year’s installment.

To some extent, it’s looking like a quicker pes 15. Though my complain in this regard was always in the sense that players didn’t feel alive and aware when need the Fifa coins; responsiveness to my inputs is just one aspect. It’s good that it’s been addressed, but there’s still a long way to go.

I do love Fluid Formations though. It’s a relief that they kept it over this time. But now it doesn’t feel like I can really tweak my tactics like it used to.

And the animations sometimes drive me off the board. You tackle with double X and it feels like the player will always perform the same lunge.


My biggest beef though is Master League. I have more hours logged in this game mode than on all my Fifa 16 account put together – yeah you’ve heard it right! Seeing a striped down ML plucks those rage nerves in me. For a time you couldn’t even TRADE players! Come on!

I fear they’re going all in with their “FUT” thing and neglecting ML.
FIFA… I dunno. I heard they revamped the gameplay but PES took the prizes at Gamescom again this year. FIFA is fun in the long term, but it has some issues too.

To be honest, I think both of them are lacking and have much to show us to regain my enthusiasm.

The word out there is that this will be the last PES for consoles and that Konami is moving to mobile games and those arcade machines of them. It doesn’t help to hook me up.

Edit: Another issue that puts me off is the interface design. It’s good, but it’s basically the same for ages (e.g. scoreboard) and for the life in me I can’t find a reason for them removing the yellow card indicator from the player cursor!
And those statistics by the end of the match. They were ok until FIFA stepped up the game by a whole new level. Player ratings by increments of 0.5 and always ranging between 5 and 8? I still love seeing stats like what, however PES just kills the mood for me.

I gave FIFA 15 a try this last year and though it’s gathering dust on my shelf, I really enjoyed dismissing expensive players to stick with lower ones after realizing they fit me way better then the former. And those career mode journals and tidbits between teams are indeed entertaining… for a time.
By the end of the day, I’ll have to wait for both games to come out to make up my mind.

FIFA 16: defender tackling a fast striker

The thing is that in Fifa you can make a fail compilation with one game :
Defender tackling a fast striker and his legs pass through him then goal.
Goalkeeper walking in his own net or release the ball
Ball going through player, goalkeepers, post.

Weak and small player pushing strong defenders/midfielders
Impossible controls with broken legs
Player getting injuried at full form, grab their leg, stand and run 2 seconds later in the cutscene.

Penalties hitting the bar and going in because keepers refuse to do anything
You need to tackle 10 time the same player because he always has the rebound.

I don’t know, I think 2% is too low and 25% is too high (figures you’ve posited).

But remember that there’s another human being with another controller in their hands as well. Two video gamers, one who is as skilled in defending headers as the other is in converting headers, should get outcomes in the game that approximate a similar situation in real life.

This is virtually impossible to verify of course.
So we end up with people who cry “scripting” or “luck” when it happens to them, but who chalk it up to their own talents when it works for them. Toss in some recency bias, some r/FIFA groupthink, and some confirmation bias, and we end up here.


It doesn’t help that EA Sports does a poor job in explaining what’s going on under the door, if at all.

Well, we’ll never know, so you don’t have to worry about losing any money.
Again, I’ll emphasize that the real life comparison matters only so far as we accept the assumption that the guy controlling Kompany is just as skilled in defending headers as the guy controlling Sterling is at converting headers with Fifa coins. If the guy controlling Sterling is (pardon the pun) heads and shoulders above the guy controlling Kompany, then we should expect the outcome to deviate from what we would see in real life between Kompany and Sterling.

I play on the weekends in a pickup game that regularly runs in my town. I also used to play in a more organized league when I was in the military, in which half the teams were from the German military, and I catch a few BPL and Bundesliga games each year on television and about 5-8 Sounders games in person.

We’ve gotten to the point where we’re talking in absolutes about hypothetical events, so there’s really nowhere to go from here.