How do you think about FIFA 16 Demo

The next installment of EA Sports’ highly-regarded FIFA series comes out on September 22nd, but there’s good news for FIFA fans who know that’s not nearly soon enough. The demo for this year’s game will be released September 8th, and it should have enough content to hold you over for the next two weeks.

EA Sports just revealed everything that the FIFA 16 demo will include, and there’s more than you’ll need to hone your skills before the game comes out.

You’ll have your share of some of the most popular clubs in the world to choose from, because nobody wants their first experience with FIFA 16 to be playing as Sunderland.


Chelsea FC
Manchester City
La Liga:

Barcelona FC
Real Madrid CF

Borussia Dortmund
Borussia Mönchendgladbach
Seria A:

Inter Milan
Ligue 1:

Paris Saint-Germain
Argentine Primea División:

River Plate

Seattle Sounders

USA (Women’s)
Germany (Women’s)
The addition of women’s teams is one of the many new things in FIFA 16, and you can get your first taste when the demo comes out. They will only be able to play against each other, but that’s ok when one of them is the best in the world.

Kick off: The usual fare. Jump right into the action you know and love.


Ultimate Team Draft: A variation of the game’s most popular mode. You will pick from one of five formations, then select from one of five players at each position if you have enough Fifa coins. Don’t forget to take into account chemistry, which factors in things like nationality and club team connections.

FIFA Trainer: We talkin’ about practice. Hone your skills and prepare your trash talk while you wait for the full game to come out.

Skills Games: A nice way to gloss over the dreaded loading screen. While previous iterations have had a free kick mode for you to mess around with, you can now get a taste of the six new skills games. Yes, we’re still talkin’ about practice.

Presentation: Get the full Bundesliga experience when you pit one Borussia team against another. In the same way games like NBA 2K and Madden have upped the pre, post, and in-game presentation, soccer’s getting in on the fun as well. This feature won’t be available on PS3 or Xbox 360.

Stadiums: Choose from Borussia Park (Borussia Mönchendgladbach), where you can get the best Fifa 16 account, CenturyLink Field (Seattle Sounders), or the historic Santiago Barnabeu (Real Madrid). Pit the Sounders against River Plate at Madrid’s stadium for an experience you could never get in real life.

There you have it. Sorry if this has you itching to play a demo that hasn’t even come out yet, but technically it’s EA’s fault for putting this information out so early. Get ready for the kickoff on September 8th before the full game comes out September 22nd.


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