FIFA 16: Defense Wins Championships

FIFA 16 might be the most realistic soccer experience the franchise has offered, but that might not be a good thing. FIFA 16 proves defense doesn’t always win.

It’s hard to deny that soccer is becoming more and more popular in the United States. It has long been the king of sports in the rest of the world, but now Americans are finally starting to embrace the game that has kids around the world setting up empty garbage cans in the street to use as makeshift goals. The question is: What took so long?

One of the main complaints Americans have always lobbed at the sport of soccer also happens to be one of the main complaints with FIFA 16: It’s too defensive minded. Of the many things that soccer fans around the world love about their cherished game, perhaps the foremost is the suspense. Sure, many games end with a score of 1-0 or, even worse, 1-1, but it’s the constant back and forth struggle that makes every goal that much more fifa coins. This style, while pleasing to many in a live sports format, may not translate as well to the video game world.

New Features – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

One of the key additions to FIFA 16 is the ability of talented players to handle the ball without actually handling the ball. Yes, no touch dribbling is a game mechanic that allows players to do what the greats often do and use their body as much as the ball to gain a positioning advantage on the opponent. Utilizing it is fairly simple, and for anyone familiar with deking in the NHL franchise, the concepts are very similar.

FIFA 16 has also introduced some changes to slide tackling. Longtime fans of FIFA are used to every slide tackle being successful. This time around, however, it is possible for the offensive player to evade a slide tackle with some slick maneuvering. This and the aforementioned no touch dribbling are nice weapons to have in one’s arsenal when trying to solve the game’s new defensive riddles.

The changes to the defense, as mentioned, really slow down the gameplay and give the game a more realistic feel. While a “realistic feel” would be considered a positive thing in a lot of sports games, there are just enough flaws with these changes to make them more of an irritant than a quality addition to the game. For example, the defensive AI now has the ability to anticipate a pass, cut into the passing lane, and intercept it with a competence never before seen in a FIFA game.

This wouldn’t be such a negative thing if the offensive AI, your teammates, shared that same competency. Instead, your teammate will sit there and watch as the ball is intercepted by the defense like Ryan Tannehill’s teammates do when he’s throwing against the practice squad (sorry, I’m more qualified to make NFL jokes than FIFA jokes). This can get pretty frustrating.


Another defensive-minded change is the ability the defenders have to find something deep within themselves that allows them to achieve superhuman speed and therefore interrupt me when I’m blazing down the field with Lionel Messi on my way to what should be an easy breakaway goal. In other words, having a step on your opponent is no longer the advantage it once was. Even controlling some of the fastest players in the game while breaking down the field does not guarantee that some Johnny-Come-Lately won’t swoop down and slide tackle the ball away from you. I understand EA’s desire to accentuate defense, but it often seems unnatural how quickly some of the defenders can close the distance.

Girl Power

If you were paying attention to the display image in this article, you may have noticed something that is unfortunately almost unheard of in the world of sports gaming. Yes, that is a woman (gasp!). And not just any woman, that is the supremely talented Alex Morgan who helped lead the U.S. Women’s National Team to a World Cup victory earlier this year. With the exception of my girl Ronda Rousey (I call her ‘my girl’, but there’s a decent chance she would see it differently) and the rest of the UFC female bantamweights in EA’s UFC game, we really haven’t seen any kind of female presence in sports games.

FIFA 16 has broken new ground with the addition of female national teams to the game. Despite the fact that the commentary can sometimes be construed as slightly condescending during the women’s matches, a kudos to EA is in order here. This is no small deal either. There are millions of young girls out there playing sports who look up to these female athletes. It’s nice that they can now play as them in FIFA 16. Let’s hope we see more of this from sports games in the future.

The Verdict – True to Life: Not Always a Good Thing

FIFA 16 is by no means a disaster. The game is absolutely stunning visually and even gameplay has moments of brilliance that harken back to previous installments of the franchise. That’s part of the problem, though. FIFA 15 was beloved by many due to its wide open style of gameplay. It was truly an offensive juggernaut. And while it may seem like an insult to the sport to say this, FIFA 16 is a more accurate reflection of what the sport of soccer really is.

It’s a strategic sport — a game of chess being played between 22 players on a huge grass field. FIFA 16 captures that feeling better than any installment in franchise history. The problem is, chess is not incredibly popular among today’s video game crowd. We see series such as Call of Duty becoming more high-flying every year and far less strategic. In the sports world, we see leagues like the NFL constantly tweaking the rules in favor of the offense so the fans will see more scoring. Perhaps this is a product of a generation’s constant overexposure to various stimuli.

Whatever the case, if you’re a soccer fan for the suspense and strategy, you better be prepared to play FIFA 16 for the same reason because while patience may be a virtue, even those of us who enjoy a slowed down, strategic experience will have a tough time sinking our teeth into this year’s installment.


FIFA 16 Career Mode Guide – Man Utd

The Dutchman has left the building and you’re the new boss at Old Trafford. Now, despite having a large pile of cash at your disposal and some extremely talented players, a career save with Manchester United on FIFA 16 isn’t as easy as you would first imagine.

Luckily the board expectations have been lowered on the latest version but (rightfully) you’re still expected to make the Champions League spots. Now if you’re playing on world class or legendary level this isn’t going to be easy and you will need to make the right decisions pre-season to avoid being removed from your position come May.

Armed with a tasty £57.5 million (or more if you can take advantage of the bonus % increase) and a wage budget of £1,895,250 it’s time to fix the Red Devils’ squad. Do you need a striker or are you going to trust Wayne Rooney and Anthony Martial? Is Andre Herrera good enough to be your number ten and surely you’re going to need a central defender?

Here is what I decided are the best decisions to make (after three or four questionable careers with the Man United squad) that are sure to make you the next Alex Ferguson…

11. Make Sure You Update Your Squads Before You Start

A very obvious and brief first tip: If you don’t update your squads then you will have to endure the agony of having Sergio Romero as your starting goalkeeper and Marouane Fellaini as your centre forward every time you go into your team management.

If you can put up with that then ignore this information but you’re a stronger man than me.

10. Utilise Fellaini As Much As You Can (Or Sell)

Physicality is a big thing on FIFA 16 and due to the new defensive controls it’s handy to have a strong man in your side. Marouane Fellaini’s 89 physical rating puts him in the top bracket, which means that regardless of your opinion of him in real life he could actually be a crucial player for your Manchester United side.

He works well in the centre of midfield as he can steal the ball from lighter midfielders and start poignant counter attacks. He also wins a lot of the aerial balls that come from both goalkeepers meaning he will consistently help you retain possession.

BUT. If you cannot bare to have the Belgian brute anywhere near your Red Devils’ starting eleven then I would advise you to get rid of the player as you can make around £12 million (that does get you a very decent replacement) if you counter the offer a couple of times.

9. Send Andreas Pereira And Jesse Lingard Out On Loan

Andreas Pereira (66 overall FUT rating) and Jesse Lingard (69 overall FUT rating) could be two potential future superstars for your Manchester United career mode but they need to be handled with care.

I loan spell would work well for the pair and it’s up to you whether you list them for a one or a two year spell. Hopefully the players will both return as a near to a 75 rating as possible and then you can start to better them through training and a run in the first team side.

Warning. Do not sell them or release them as they have great potential on the game.

8. Sell Antonio Valencia

Don’t be fooled by Antonio Valencia’s 79 rating. The versatile midfielder simply isn’t good enough to play midfield and defensively he can’t compete with Matteo Darmain. The Ecuadorian simply hasn’t looked the part since Alex Ferguson’s departure and you can make around £9 million if you do choose to sell him.

Valencia’s worse trait is that he has a ONE star for ‘weak foot’ and if he is forced onto his left side he cannot cope. Sell. Sell. Sell.

7. Ease Anthony Martial In Gently

On FIFA 15, Anthony Martial (before he became known to the entire world) could play as an attacking inside forward as well as a striker. On FIFA 16 he can only play as a central striker, which is a bit annoying as it means you have to either play two up front or drop Wayne Rooney.


Despite Martial performing extremely well in real life, EA Sports (understandably) haven’t blessed him with ‘Thierry Henry’ finishing just yet but his 79 rating (78 shooting) is certainly good enough to grab you a few goals. His touch isn’t brilliant though and it will be important that you nurture the Frenchman and gently ease him into the team. Make sure you don’t neglect the training process and before you know it you could have one of the best forwards on the game.

6. Buy A Striker

Anthony Martial isn’t the final product yet and Wayne Rooney only has a 75 rating for pace. Both of these factors mean that you’re going to struggle to finish in the Champions League places if you decide to not purchase a sparkly new centre forward.

Alexandre Lacazette would be my first choice. He has an overall FUT rating of 84, 85 shooting, 84 dribbling and 88 pace. Quite simply he is a goal machine. You can normally sign the Lyon striker for cheap fifa coins. If you struggle to sign him or are pipped at the post by an annoying Bayern Munich offer then Everton’s Romelu Lukaku can offer you a cheaper but still very effective option.

5. Buy A Central Defender

Look, if you trust Chris Smalling, Phil Jones, Daley Blind or Marcus Rojo then I’m not going to criticise you for it. Actually, I am. You’re foolish and wrong. If you wish to finish in the Champions League spots (like you are expected to do) then these guys will not get you there.

Aymeric Laporte is 21 years old and is already rated as an 83. The Athletic Bilbao is a wonderfully gifted central defender and one that will significantly improve your side. The problem is that he may cost you around £40 million and if you have already bought Aleksandre Lacazette (like I told you earlier) then your finances may be a little short. If that is the case then place a bid of around £20 million for Paris Saint Germain’s Marquinhos who has an 81 rating and will also bolster your defensive options.

Tip. If you do decide to buy either of the aforementioned then you should sell Phil Jones as you will make around £12 million.

4. Sign Felipe Anderson For £13m

Don’t kid yourself that you need to stay true to Michael Carrick. It’s that kind of thinking that will get you sacked before Christmas. It’s time to sign another centre midfielder to sit alongside either Bastian Schweinsteiger and Morgan Schneiderlin (I advise the former).

That man is Lazio’s Felipe Anderson. The Brazilian box-to-box midfielder will give your team a evident boost that you wouldn’t get from Michael Carrick or Andre Herrera. His FUT rating of 79 will grow as he is only 21 years old and he is available for around £13 million. If you sell Michael Carrick then you can make a quarter of that money back anyway.

3. Play 4-2-2-2

Now, I’ve experimented with 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1 and 4-4-2 but I didn’t enjoy any of them. I assumed that my 4-3-3 formation would work well having Alexandre Lacazette up front and Juan Mata and Memphis Depay either side of him but it didn’t work and I struggled to score goals.

I switched to a 4-2-2-2 formation and it seemed to get the best results. I used Bastian Schweinsteiger and Felipe Anderson as my centre midfielder pairing and put Mata and Depay in front of them as attacking playmakers. I found that I needed two strikers to score goals with Man United and put Wayne Rooney and Lacazette up front.

This system worked well and I finished third in my first season on world class and Rooney and Lacazette scored 40 goals between them.

2. Sell Michael Carrick

You know that he is finished, I know that he is finished. Just get rid.

I’m sure he would love to end his career at Bologna anyway…

1. Sign Thomas Muller

Can you achieve what Louis van Gaal was unable to do? Let’s bring Thomas Muller to Old Trafford shall we?

The Bayern Munich forward will cost between £40-50 million but is worth every penny as he guarantees goals on FIFA 16. He has an overall FUT rating of 86 and has a score of 84 for shooting.

He will require around £150,000 per week.

9 FIFA 16 Career Mode Teams You Have To Play With

With FIFA 16 out now we’ve decided to pick out the 9 teams that we feel you have to consider for your FIFA 16 Career Mode game.

We’ve tried to get a balance between teams with a solid infrastructure and teams with a lot of potential. We’ve generally stayed away from teams that will require too much work but there are one or two in there that will keep you playing for a long time. Here are the 9 teams you have to play with in FIFA 16 Career Mode.


As we’ve covered before, Fratton Park will be in FIFA 16 this year and for that reason alone you have to consider managing Portsmouth in FIFA 16 Career Mode. Travelling from League 2 to the Premier League with an authentic stadium will be a great journey and Portsmouth have some solid youngsters who can develop well with regular game time. The squad is more than capable of a promotion in the first team, how you build from there is up to you.

Borussia Monchengladbach

Given the fact that EA Sports have now added a realistic match day coverage for Bundesliga games you sort of have to have at least one FIFA 16 Career Mode game in the Bundesliga and we think that Gladbach could be a good bet. They’ve got a really exciting front line at the moment and a number of promising youngsters with Thorgan Hazard signed permanently now. On top of that Borussia Park is one of the latest additions to FIFA 16 and it looks absolutely fantastic.


This year Lyon have been struggling in the league but on FIFA they really could be one of the best teams to play with. Alexandre Lacazette and Nabil Fekir amongst others have both received boosts whilst Mathieu Valbuena, Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa and Rafel have all arrived over the summer. As ever the team have a lot of players with a lot of potential, the one to really keep your eye on is Maxwel Cornet.

AC Milan

Much was made about the business done by Inter Milan over the summer, and rightly so, but we think that on FIFA 16 Career Mode Milan make a more interesting challenge. The reason for this is that they have a fantastic balance of big names and young stars, combined with the fact that they have horrendously underachieved recently. Bringing through the likes of Hachim Mastour and Alessio Romagnoli will be great fun and you’ve also got Carlos Bacca, Jeremy Menez and of course Mario Balotelli.

9 FIFA 16 Career Mode Teams You Have To Play With

Hull City

In case you’ve not noticed we’ve got a bit of a thing for clubs who have their stadiums in their game, when you’re playing FIFA 16 Career Mode it just adds that little bit of authenticity. Hull City have their stadium and they also have Andrew Robertson who can grow into one of the best left-backs in the game. Hull have still got a really solid squad so winning promotion shouldn’t be too hard, the challenge will be survival in the Premier League.


Few teams have as many talented young players as Valencia, seriously it’s a bit ridiculous, just take a look at this list. Paco Alcacer, Rodrigo, Santi Mina, Zakaria Bakkali, Andre Gomes, Rodrigo De Paul, Danilo, Jose Gaya, Joao Cancelo and Matt Ryan. Told you it was extensive. Throw in a nice big budget of over £50 million and the fantastic Mestalla stadium and this is one brilliant FIFA 16 Career Mode save.


Don’t dismiss this one straight away. Of course PSG are the dominant force in France but it doesn’t detract from the fact that you get to play with fifa 16 coins. Blaise Matuidi, Angel Di Maria, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Serge Aurier are all great fun to play with and of coure you have all the money in the world to build the squad how you want. The challenge will be delivering the Champions League before Ibrahimovic retires.

Crystal Palace

Wilfried Zaha, Yannick Bolasie, Jason Puncheon and Bakary Sako. If that front four isn’t enough to make you play with Palace then there’s no helping you. Alan Pardew’s side now have Yohan Cabaye as well and they look like a fantastic project on FIFA 16 Career Mode. With new chants added Selhurst Park should really be the fortress that it is in real life.


Memphis Depay and Georginio Wijnaldum may be gone now but that doesn’t mean you should forget about PSV. Maxime Lestienne, Davy Propper and Hector Moreno have all joined whilst Luciano Narsingh, Adam Maher and Jetro Willems look as promising as ever. The challenge for you is to try and win the league again, there’s also the small matter of Squawka interviewee Steven Bergwijn.

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Mobile Halloween Cards

For a limited time only, FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Mobile will offer rare orange cards for Halloween. As the first of its release, these special rare cards feature the “Most Feared” defenders in the game. Now, what makes these defenders feared?

Bayern Munich’s Jerome Boateng and Barcelona’s Jeremy Mathieu lead the way for the list of six defenders that have an in-game strength rating of 90. As shown on the individual cards, the Physical and Defensive attributes of the players average in the 80s. These are the strong towers you need in the heart of your defense!

If you haven’t yet, download the FIFA Mobile App and enter for a chance to win, as these cards are now available.

FIFA 16 Mobile Description

FIFA has a new name in iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. Now it is ‘EA Sports FIFA’ instead of FIFA 16 Mobile as almost everyone expected.

Play beautiful – on mobile! EA Sports FIFA let’s celebrate every awesome attack, nail-biting goal, and powerful win like never before with console-like graphics. Experience the most realistic set of football features on this game.

Here are the main features of this game:

All New-Engine

Get ready for better skill moves, more exciting goals, more responsive controls, smarter team mates and improved animations. Plus, now it’s even easier to play like a pro Enhanced Hybrid Controls that let you use Gestures or Buttons to control the ball. Gain improved offside awareness and more with Attacking Intelligence, then blow past defenders with ease. Also, for the first tie on mobile, you can trigger unique player celebrations on the pitch after you score.

Build and Manage your Ultimate Team

Earn, trade and transfer superstars like Lionel Messi, Jordan Henderson and Juan Cuadrado to create your own fantasy team. Choose your play style, formation, kits and more, then balance player chemistry for the strongest squad compositions.

Real World Football

Choose from over 10,000 players from over 500 licensed teams and go to battle against other players from real leagues in real arenas from around the world. Recreate challenges from current live-event football matches, too, with Dynamic Accomplishments.

Player Exchange

Now trade players and items you no longer need for a chance of unlocking something better. The higher value item or cheap fifa coins you trade, the better the upgrade you’ll get back!

Score More Goals In EA FIFA 16

Football matches are often decided through rare moments of magic, and these moments are goals. But if you lose your matches by fine margins, or if you want to improve on your score, we have some easy tactics to assist you with your goals. So let’s delve right in.

FIFA 16 has improved shooting a lot; both near post and far post. During big games, try to watch the power bar and under-power your shots. By doing so, you will be able to slot it more accurately into the net, and even if the keeper makes the save, you can score with the rebound. Over-powered shots sometimes result in the keeper making a tremendous save, or the ball will sail out of play if there is too much power on the shot.

Another way, especially if you try to catch the goal keeper flat-footed from outside the box, or if you try to bend in the ball into the far post, is to use the “Finesse” shot. The player wraps his foot around the ball and curls it into the corner; outside the goal keeper’s reach. Hold the R1/RB and the Shoot buttons to score with the Finesse shot.


In high-line defense, when the goal-keeper is close to the player with the ball, the best way to score in this situation is to just tap the shoot button to release a grounded shot. With not much distance between the keeper and the ball, he is not able to react and the ball will find its way into the net. This is without doubt, the most effective way to score goals from close range.

Now with the traditional shot from the player’s laces, we all love to score from outside the box. Always pick a player with 80+ attributes of “Long Shots”. You will have a really good chance to score if you put your foot through the ball with enough fifa coins. Another option to score a goal between a flurry of opponent players is to chip the ball. Once you master it, you see the ball sneak in just under the bar from all of 25 yards, it is extremely useful.

So the next time you play against the time and need a goal to win the match, you will have a clear idea of what options you have and which option is the best in the situation. The only way you can master these skills is if you practice, practice and practice. So get back on the pitch and show us what you are made up of!

FIFA 16: Team Of The Week 6

The development team at EA Sports working on FIFA 16 makes each Team of the Week delivery for the Ultimate Team special by allowing gamers to get their hands on some of the best players of the moment, as decided by their performance in league matches that took place over the weekend.

This time around, the studio is featuring superb performers like Neymar, Wijnaldum and Ibrahimovic, who all carried their teams to victory during their latest appearances.

Their cards can be obtained by players by picking up the special Fifa 16 coins pack, and they can then be integrated into their Ultimate Team lineup to improve the overall performance of the first eleven.

The attacking line of the Team of the Week for FIFA 16 includes Neymar, the Barcelona star who is replacing Messi, as well as Ibrahimovic.

When it comes to midfield, EA Sports has selected Wijnaldum, Gustafson, Pjanic, Kruse and Sterling.

FIFA 16: Team Of The Week 6

The defensive department for the package is made up of three players and includes Bellerin, Marcelo and Chedjou.

The goalkeeper of the Team of the Week is Zieler.

Gamers also get access to a range of substitutes, who have not managed to perform well enough to get a starting slot but can still be used for trade or to shore up a position where gamers have limited choices.

The Team of the Week for FIFA 16 is important because it allows EA Sports to highlight some of the best players available in the game and gives fans some guidance for their own Ultimate Team efforts.

FIFA 16 encourages gamers to play beautifully

The football simulation has a large range of tweaks when compared to last year’s version, including more ways to defend, a new decisive pass moves and more options for attackers.

FIFA 16 is somewhat slower than previous entries in the franchise and asks players to focus more on creating spaces with their midfield before choosing the perfect moment to launch a striker towards the opposition’s goal.

When it comes to Ultimate Team, the biggest addition is the Draft experience, which focuses on semi-random teams and on short tournaments that can offer some big rewards for those who win four matches in a row.

Gamers have been asking EA Sports to tweak some of the core mechanics in order to make player pace more important, but the studio has said that it is generally satisfied with the experience that the title is offering and the reactions to its launch.

Two title updates for FIFA 16 have been launched so far, delivering a range of bug fixes and some tweaks for Ultimate Team.

EA Sports is continuing to listen to feedback from gamers and will deliver more patches for the game if they are required.

A major revamp for player ratings and for team lineups will be provided after the January transfer period.

The company has also said that it has big plans for community events, many of which will be focused on the Ultimate Team mode, which are designed to keep gamers engaged in the long term.

FIFA 16 Great Players – Don’t give them a chance

There’s no getting away from the fact that in football, and FIFA 16, goals are the only thing that matters. It’s a simple game and in FIFA 16 it can often come down to which side has got the better finishers. With that in mind we decided to create the best FIFA 16 Finishing XI for our latest Squawka FIFA 16 Challenge.

This challenge is slightly different to our bad positioning XI. Whereas that one focused on building a terrible team that would be difficult to play with this is trying to assemble a team that is going to ooze goals. This team has goals from all areas and you should be looking to outscore your opponents rather than focusing on defending.

We’ve kept this at just Premier League players and we’ve also kept it as gold players although we may care about the latest Fifa 16 news and below one later on in the year. Your challenge is to try and assemble this team either in Ultimate Team or in kick-off and just have a go playing with them. This is the FIFA 16 Finishing XI.

GK: Ben Foster – West Bromwich Albion
Foster has never scored in the Premier League, although he was lobbed by Paul Robinson when at Watford but yet his finishing stat of 18 is the highest of any gold keeper in the Premier League. We’re a bit surprised we’ll be honest but maybe one day Foster will show exactly what he can do in front of goal.

RB: Seamus Coleman – Everton
Just like last year Coleman is in the team at right-back with a very impressive finishing stat of 65. He is one of the best right-backs in the Premier League and he has nine goals in the league since the start of 2013-14 season. A lot of attacks for Everton go through Coleman and it’s easy to see why.

CB: Chancel Mbemba – Newcastle United
Like Coleman Mbemba hasn’t scored this season but he too has nine goals since the start of the 2013-14 season. He has shown himself to be a bit of a threat from set-pieces and if Newcastle’s form continues to pick up his goal tally could rise as well. His finishing stat is 57.

CB: Jan Vertonghen – Tottenham Hotspur
Rather awkwardly Vertonghen the fourth player on this list who hasn’t actually score a goal this season in the league and after an initially bright start his goals have dried up a bit. Nevertheless his finishing stat of 60 is the most of any centre-back in the league and we’re still not sure why this wasn’t allowed.

LB: Leighton Baines – Everton
Baines is the third member of the back four who was in the team last season although his finishing stat of 70 was closely challenged by Aston Villa new boy Jordan Amavi (69). Baines hasn’t actually played in the league due to injury and we’re a little surprised his finishing is so high when the majority of his goals come from set-pieces.

RM: Alexis Sanchez – Arsenal
Ah finally, someone who has actually scored some goals this season. Sanchez has nine in his last five for both club and country and he really is in excellent form at the moment. His finishing stat is up at 85 and give he scored 25 goals in all competitions last season it’s easy to see why.

CM: Kevin De Bruyne – Manchester City
Okay so De Bruyne isn’t technically a central midfielder but in this team we had to have him in. He’s already scored three goals in the Premier League since joining Manchester City and the first strike against West Ham was a fantastic finish.

CM: Yaya Toure – Manchester City
Alongside De Brune in the middle is his City team-mate Toure who matches his finishing stat of 82. Both players have reputations for goals and the sheer number of goals from across the team is part of the reason why City are such a dangerous team.

LM: Eden Hazard – Chelsea
Last season Hazard managed 14 goals in the Premier League and although he’s yet to get off the mark this season there’s no doubting the Belgian’s ability, he’s just in a bad patch of form. In fact if anything he’s probably guilty of not shooting enough and looking for the pass instead.

ST: Diego Costa – Chelsea
When Diego Costa doesn’t try to wind-up defenders and focuses on his football he is actually rather good at football and is one of the best strikers around. The joy of FIFA 16 is that unless you tell him to he won’t go off trying to fight someone. It is no surprise that he is back in this team with a finishing of 90.

ST: Sergio Aguero – Manchester City
It was absolutely ridiculous that Aguero wasn’t on this list last season and it’s still a bit dodgy that his finishing isn’t ahead of Costa’s (for reference they’re both level at 90). Maybe EA have docked him a point because he can’t stay fit for more than a month at a time. Just imagine if he could though…