FIFA 16: Team Of The Week 6

The development team at EA Sports working on FIFA 16 makes each Team of the Week delivery for the Ultimate Team special by allowing gamers to get their hands on some of the best players of the moment, as decided by their performance in league matches that took place over the weekend.

This time around, the studio is featuring superb performers like Neymar, Wijnaldum and Ibrahimovic, who all carried their teams to victory during their latest appearances.

Their cards can be obtained by players by picking up the special Fifa 16 coins pack, and they can then be integrated into their Ultimate Team lineup to improve the overall performance of the first eleven.

The attacking line of the Team of the Week for FIFA 16 includes Neymar, the Barcelona star who is replacing Messi, as well as Ibrahimovic.

When it comes to midfield, EA Sports has selected Wijnaldum, Gustafson, Pjanic, Kruse and Sterling.

FIFA 16: Team Of The Week 6

The defensive department for the package is made up of three players and includes Bellerin, Marcelo and Chedjou.

The goalkeeper of the Team of the Week is Zieler.

Gamers also get access to a range of substitutes, who have not managed to perform well enough to get a starting slot but can still be used for trade or to shore up a position where gamers have limited choices.

The Team of the Week for FIFA 16 is important because it allows EA Sports to highlight some of the best players available in the game and gives fans some guidance for their own Ultimate Team efforts.

FIFA 16 encourages gamers to play beautifully

The football simulation has a large range of tweaks when compared to last year’s version, including more ways to defend, a new decisive pass moves and more options for attackers.

FIFA 16 is somewhat slower than previous entries in the franchise and asks players to focus more on creating spaces with their midfield before choosing the perfect moment to launch a striker towards the opposition’s goal.

When it comes to Ultimate Team, the biggest addition is the Draft experience, which focuses on semi-random teams and on short tournaments that can offer some big rewards for those who win four matches in a row.

Gamers have been asking EA Sports to tweak some of the core mechanics in order to make player pace more important, but the studio has said that it is generally satisfied with the experience that the title is offering and the reactions to its launch.

Two title updates for FIFA 16 have been launched so far, delivering a range of bug fixes and some tweaks for Ultimate Team.

EA Sports is continuing to listen to feedback from gamers and will deliver more patches for the game if they are required.

A major revamp for player ratings and for team lineups will be provided after the January transfer period.

The company has also said that it has big plans for community events, many of which will be focused on the Ultimate Team mode, which are designed to keep gamers engaged in the long term.


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