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‘FIFA 16’ Gamers Played 326 Million Matches Just 16 Days

The football simulation video game “FIFA 16” developed by EA Sports may have been reviewed as inferior compared to its counterpart “Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2016” developed by Konami, but the former still has the gamer numbers compared to the latter.

As if to show to “PES 2016” that it is still the more popular football simulation video game, EA Sports reported that “FIFA 16” has recorded 326 million matches played across all game platforms just 16 days after the game was released on September 22, notes the PlayStation Lifestyle.

The game developer also released an infographic about “FIFA 16” showing that there have been 1.5 billion hours played in total as well as 693 million goals scored.

EA Sports also took it as an opportunity to thank the fans for their continued support to the “FIFA” franchise.

The biggest in franchise history

EA Sports also disclosed in its website that “FIFA 16” is the biggest football simulation video game in franchise history.

The developer said that the warm reception of the fans on the game only proves on Fifa 16 Account that they have succeeded in making sure that “FIFA 16” is fair, fun, and secure.

It added that its decision to bring back the Web & Companion App as well as making it easier for gamers to buy and sell in the improved transfer market has worked wonders for the fans to really appreciate “FIFA 16” all the more.


And for the very remarkable and healthy start of “FIFA 16,” EA Sports also announced that it will be rewarding all FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) users with an Ultimate Loan Players Pack., which is also the developer’s way of saying thank you to the millions of gamers and fans who have continuously supported and played the video game.

Positive reviews

Barely two months after its official release to the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, “FIFA 16” is currently drawing positive reviews from both gamers and critics despite sub-par comparisons to Konami’s “PES 2016.”

In addition to bursting with new contents, one of the most lauded features of the “FIFA 16” is the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) Mode, which is a game mode where players must learn to form teams with the cards they randomly get from digital booster packs.

After assembling the team in the FUT Mode, gamers can start participating in several tournaments and get a chance to win a championship to earn more fifa 16 coins which can eventually be used to build their respective dream team.

Those in a hurry to get things done can always shell out real money, typical with most video games, but it is not an obligation or mandatory.

Some gamers shun the constant internet connection requirement on most video games, particularly those offering multiplayer and co-op gameplay modes. In the case of the FUT Mode, it also requires constant internet connection but the player is not forced to play against other players online.

It is just that internet connection is imperative because some of the features of the gameplay mode can only be accessed online.

While the FUT Mode gives gamers the excitement to create their own football team, they should always bear in mind that the most important factor to consider in playing the mode is team chemistry. Having the best players in the league in one’s team may look good on paper but without chemistry, it’s no different than playing with a rag-tag team of rookies.

The FUT Mode teaches gamers the value of teamwork and chemistry in team sports because regardless of how great one player plays the game, without the support of his teammates, he simply would not be able to earn the wins all by himself. Football is a team sport so when EA Sports developed it, it was looking for gamers to appreciate the essence of having good chemistry and playing as a team.

The new and biggest feature of the FUT Mode is the FUT Draft, which is a mode that allows gamers to create a team with random golden players.

FIFA 16 Loan Player

EA has been generous enough to provide all FIFA 16 players with a nice surprise today. Upon next logging in to the game, you should see a free FIFA 16 Ultimate Loan Player pack waiting for you to open.

This is the best loan pack available in the game as it will give you an 85-90 rated player to use for a specific number of games and do not cost any of your fifa 16 coins – along with some other consumable items.


Unfortunately the consumables cannot be traded on, but it is still a nice gesture after fans have been asking EA to give out some free packs for a long time.

EA says that the reward is due to the continued support of players, so hopefully they decide to feel even more generous over Christmas and give players a player pack which can be traded – then fans will really appreciate it.

Still though, many of you will be happy with the extra players in your club so let us know who you received in your pack – did anyone manage to get Ronaldo?

FIFA 16: Defense Wins Championships

FIFA 16 might be the most realistic soccer experience the franchise has offered, but that might not be a good thing. FIFA 16 proves defense doesn’t always win.

It’s hard to deny that soccer is becoming more and more popular in the United States. It has long been the king of sports in the rest of the world, but now Americans are finally starting to embrace the game that has kids around the world setting up empty garbage cans in the street to use as makeshift goals. The question is: What took so long?

One of the main complaints Americans have always lobbed at the sport of soccer also happens to be one of the main complaints with FIFA 16: It’s too defensive minded. Of the many things that soccer fans around the world love about their cherished game, perhaps the foremost is the suspense. Sure, many games end with a score of 1-0 or, even worse, 1-1, but it’s the constant back and forth struggle that makes every goal that much more fifa coins. This style, while pleasing to many in a live sports format, may not translate as well to the video game world.

New Features – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

One of the key additions to FIFA 16 is the ability of talented players to handle the ball without actually handling the ball. Yes, no touch dribbling is a game mechanic that allows players to do what the greats often do and use their body as much as the ball to gain a positioning advantage on the opponent. Utilizing it is fairly simple, and for anyone familiar with deking in the NHL franchise, the concepts are very similar.

FIFA 16 has also introduced some changes to slide tackling. Longtime fans of FIFA are used to every slide tackle being successful. This time around, however, it is possible for the offensive player to evade a slide tackle with some slick maneuvering. This and the aforementioned no touch dribbling are nice weapons to have in one’s arsenal when trying to solve the game’s new defensive riddles.

The changes to the defense, as mentioned, really slow down the gameplay and give the game a more realistic feel. While a “realistic feel” would be considered a positive thing in a lot of sports games, there are just enough flaws with these changes to make them more of an irritant than a quality addition to the game. For example, the defensive AI now has the ability to anticipate a pass, cut into the passing lane, and intercept it with a competence never before seen in a FIFA game.

This wouldn’t be such a negative thing if the offensive AI, your teammates, shared that same competency. Instead, your teammate will sit there and watch as the ball is intercepted by the defense like Ryan Tannehill’s teammates do when he’s throwing against the practice squad (sorry, I’m more qualified to make NFL jokes than FIFA jokes). This can get pretty frustrating.


Another defensive-minded change is the ability the defenders have to find something deep within themselves that allows them to achieve superhuman speed and therefore interrupt me when I’m blazing down the field with Lionel Messi on my way to what should be an easy breakaway goal. In other words, having a step on your opponent is no longer the advantage it once was. Even controlling some of the fastest players in the game while breaking down the field does not guarantee that some Johnny-Come-Lately won’t swoop down and slide tackle the ball away from you. I understand EA’s desire to accentuate defense, but it often seems unnatural how quickly some of the defenders can close the distance.

Girl Power

If you were paying attention to the display image in this article, you may have noticed something that is unfortunately almost unheard of in the world of sports gaming. Yes, that is a woman (gasp!). And not just any woman, that is the supremely talented Alex Morgan who helped lead the U.S. Women’s National Team to a World Cup victory earlier this year. With the exception of my girl Ronda Rousey (I call her ‘my girl’, but there’s a decent chance she would see it differently) and the rest of the UFC female bantamweights in EA’s UFC game, we really haven’t seen any kind of female presence in sports games.

FIFA 16 has broken new ground with the addition of female national teams to the game. Despite the fact that the commentary can sometimes be construed as slightly condescending during the women’s matches, a kudos to EA is in order here. This is no small deal either. There are millions of young girls out there playing sports who look up to these female athletes. It’s nice that they can now play as them in FIFA 16. Let’s hope we see more of this from sports games in the future.

The Verdict – True to Life: Not Always a Good Thing

FIFA 16 is by no means a disaster. The game is absolutely stunning visually and even gameplay has moments of brilliance that harken back to previous installments of the franchise. That’s part of the problem, though. FIFA 15 was beloved by many due to its wide open style of gameplay. It was truly an offensive juggernaut. And while it may seem like an insult to the sport to say this, FIFA 16 is a more accurate reflection of what the sport of soccer really is.

It’s a strategic sport — a game of chess being played between 22 players on a huge grass field. FIFA 16 captures that feeling better than any installment in franchise history. The problem is, chess is not incredibly popular among today’s video game crowd. We see series such as Call of Duty becoming more high-flying every year and far less strategic. In the sports world, we see leagues like the NFL constantly tweaking the rules in favor of the offense so the fans will see more scoring. Perhaps this is a product of a generation’s constant overexposure to various stimuli.

Whatever the case, if you’re a soccer fan for the suspense and strategy, you better be prepared to play FIFA 16 for the same reason because while patience may be a virtue, even those of us who enjoy a slowed down, strategic experience will have a tough time sinking our teeth into this year’s installment.

Ronaldo and Bale in FIFA 16

One new feature of FIFA 16 Ultimate Team on mobile is becoming extremely popular with the community and that is the new FIFA 16 Player Exchange feature that EA has introduced.

This feature allows you to use multiple cards to trade in for a single card of higher value. It is another lottery in other words, but we’re here to show you that if you are lucky enough it can produce the sweetest of rewards.

In other words, a confirmation that yes, you can get Ronaldo on FIFA 16 player exchange. We have evidence to show you and also a bonus screenshot showing another player getting Gareth Bale out of the mix.


For those that want to know how to get the best result from FIFA 16 Mobile player exchange, you need to ensure that you always have the ‘Gold to Gold Rare’ as your Reward Range setting.

To do this you just have to select high quality gold or gold rare cards until the parameter on your Reward Range changes with Fifa 16 coins. Once you have done that you then have the chance to get an ultra rare card such as Ronaldo or Bale.

Watch the clip below, while feedback on the achievement can be seen over at Reddit here. How are you getting on with Player Exchange on FIFA 16 Mobile so far – do you wish this feature would come to console versions or not?

Man City star David Silva set to join FIFA 16


Developers EA Sports have warned gamers that they should never underestimate a playmaker, they might not be putting the ball in the back of the net, but the best ones are able to find the open teammate and change the complexion of a match.

Fans have had the chance to try out the new No Touch Dribbling techniques added to the game, which aim to free you from the ball to buy time, create separation, give time to set up a feint or skill move to help pass a defender.

It’s been available in the FIFA 16 Demo launch earlier this month, alongside the the new FIFA Trainer with Fifa 16 coins, an updated tool for FIFA 16 that EA Sports hopes will help you reach your potential on the pitch.

Basic commands get you started while deeper hints will improve the game of the most skilled player.

And for those wanting to know where they can pick up the best passers in the game, FIFa devs have put together a top ten shortlist you can check out below.

FIFA 16: bronze-only tourneys

People use Bronze teams on UT because they don’t have better teams, want to play in Bronze-only tourneys, want a challenge (i.e. 0 chem bronze team) or to pace abuse with obscure forwards. No one uses a Bronze team for an extended period of time to play normal matches with.

People might support those teams IRL. Look at footage of the average “professional women’s football match”. How many supporters do you see in the stands (if there are any in the first place)? People will only use women teams in FIFA for the novelty factor and you know it.

Play Seasons. Nearly everyone uses Real Madrid or Bayern Munich, the 2 best teams in the game.

They bump the ratings of certain players and leagues because of popularity and competitiveness anyway. MLS teams/ players are habitually overrated compared to many top league players in the top European leagues because they want them to be competitive and fun for quite a big potential market. I don’t see why it would be a problem to do the same here, it’s not like the game is very realistic as is, might as well make those teams fun to play as if you’re going to include them.


3 stars is 1/2 a star away from the lower ranked PL teams who’re much better. It’s the same as many European teams in top leagues who’re much better. If we were going for total realism they’d be lower IMO. That being said it’s more the players towards the top than the teams I have a problem with Fifa coins. Look at Giovinco who was a 76 because he started at Juve this season but who is absolutely ripping up MLS and is clearly a step above many of those more highly rated. Players like Keane, Donovan, Dempsey and Defoe are higher rated than they would be if/ when they were playing in Europe. It possibly has more to do with it being easier to stand out in MLS than any direct attempt to make them overpowered but they’re still higher rated than a lot of players who’re clearly playing a lot better at a higher level of competition.

I think it’s a cool feature to have in the game! Obviously it’s not a huge improvement, but I like to think they would save those bigger announcements, such as changes to game mechanics, FUT, or career mode, for later on when they officially unveil the game as a whole. This is just one game mode.

I don’t care what you guys think, this is fucking awesome and a good step forward for gaming and society. fut16coin highly doubt this is what they consider a killer feature och what will change the game, they will definitely work on other things, but it feels good to make the game more inclusive even though at this point in time the women’s leagues won’t be played that much.