FIFA 16 preview

Yeah, it’s one of the reasons I’ve stopped playing. I have, and always will, hate UT. I can’t deal with all the sweaty try hards who either A) Use real money to buy the best cards, or B) Use really shit players, but they end up amazing because of pace. I’ve always loved Career Mode, and by extension playing against the AI. But in the past 4 FIFA’s (12,13,14,15) the AI has just gone to shit, getting more Fifa 16 news, more on that in a minute). EA just don’t put love into it.

The worst part is that this year, I bought 15, despite not really wanting to, because the gameplay against the AI felt decent again, but then a few months later, they release a patch that fucking ruined everything. Now the player has been nerfed, but not the AI. It’s like 14 again, which is the FIFA I hate the most.


Now onto Career Mode itself. Anyone who has played it know how bullshit it is. Between GAME BREAKING bugs that go UN-PATCHED and bullshit things like the “homesick” players and what have you, it’s just not fun to play anymore. It really isn’t. The AI for the other managers if embarrassing. They hoard keepers, or strikers, and NEVER replace players, ever.The GTN has ruined the transfer side of it. The new YA glitch where if you edit a youngster he turns into a pensioner, is completely retarded.

On top of the aforementioned game breaking bug where you cannot protect your Fifa 16 coins or else the game will freeze. And then there is the “scripting”, or “artificial difficulty”, to make the game harder, and to stop you from going on winning runs. Oh and good luck playing more than 2 seasons, the game slows down, simming through days slows down, menus become laggy, and guess what? It won’t be fucking patched.

For you see, that right there is problem numero uno, EA does not patch Career Mode. There are bugs present in 15 that have been there since 13, maybe even longer than that. It’s embarrassing and pathetic.
And then there are modes like pro clubs, that took what, 4 years to get any “meaningful” update? That’s just poor.


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