FIFA 16: 8 Insanely Overrated Teams

Every year EA Sports are handed the thankless task of deciding ratings for champions, contenders, relegation-fodder and everyone else in between. They’re not infallible, nor do they have access to a crystal ball when making their decisions.

It’s a near-impossible task to sift through every team’s performance last season and conclude whether they’re a genuine talent or just another one-season wonder. The same goes for players too, but it can be easier to pick up on overrated footballers when you see them every time you log into Ultimate Team.

If you can drag yourself away from FIFA’s wildly successful mode and drop back into realistic matches, you’ll notice that several of FIFA 16’s biggest teams have been given incredibly generous ratings when compared with their FIFA 16 Coins XBOX 360. Title winners have fallen to unimaginable lows, and champions have withered away, while former giants are constantly given over-inflated ratings due to their reputation and historical success.

Any earlier in the season, you could claim that it was just a dip in form, but with almost all of the domestic leagues flicking into double figures in the ‘games played’ column, we have a far better idea on who the seriously overrated teams actually are…

8. Marseille – 4.5 Stars

FIFA 16: Marseille are an attractive alternative to PSG in the game. They are to Ibrahimovic & Co. what Dortmund are to Bayern Munich. They may not have a team crammed full of world megastars, but with a 4.5 star rating, Marseille are capable of beating just about anybody. Nicolas Nkoulou and Lassana Diarra provide solidity at centre back and central midfield respectively, while Remy Cabella, Michy Batshuayi and the rampant pace of Romain Alessandrini provide more than enough quality going forward.

Reality: The seasoned French side have only recently ended a 5 game winless run after Batshuayi and Alessandrini both scored and assisted one another in a 2-1 win over Lille. Despite taking a much-needed three points, Marseille are sitting 14th in Ligue 1, hardly a position worthy of such a high FIFA rating.

7. Real Sociedad – 4.5 Stars

FIFA 16: Real Sociedad are La Liga’s football hipster side in FIFA 16. Forget Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico. Don’t bother with Sevilla, Athletic Bilbao or Valencia. Real Sociedad are a 4.5 star team with some relatively obscure talent backing up their claim to be a true Spanish contender/underdog. They come armed with four 79-rated central midfielders, 80 and 81 rated centre backs, while former Arsenal product Carlos Vela runs the show with an 82 rating. What’s not to like?

Reality: They’re one of the more famous mid-average Spanish sides in the UK due to the fact that former Everton and Manchester United manager David Moyes is in charge. Things were looking good for a time following an excellent 7th place finish, but his position has come under huge pressure after a weak start to the season. Sociedad are 15th, and need to bounce back. Quickly.

6. AC Milan – 4.5 Stars

FIFA 16: They may not be the great side they once were, but AC Milan still come with an excellent rating and a fine crop of players to run riot with. Colombian striker Carlos Bacca is the pick of the bunch, but his stats are more impressive than a simple 82 rating. He’s got pace, power, shooting and dribbling ability. Combine him with Jeremy Menez and Mario Balotelli, and you’ve got yourself a potent strikeforce to compliment a rugged, sturdy defence.

Reality: You don’t need me to explain the depressing details behind AC Milan’s painful fall from the top of Italian football. You can see for yourself that their squad is devoid of quality such as Paolo Maldini, Andrea Pirlo, Kaka, Ronaldinho, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Alessandro Nesta and countless more world class footballers, and they’re suffering because of it. Milan languish in 8th place, while fierce rivals Inter have clawed their way back among the elite, sitting in 3rd.

5. Stoke City – 4.5 Stars

FIFA 16: If Real Sociedad are the hipster choice for La Liga, Stoke are the Premier League equivalent. In England you’ve got the so-called ‘top teams’ made up of Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea (more on them later…) and the chasing pack of Euro-contenders includes Spurs, Liverpool and Everton. However, Stoke City find themselves on par with those 4.5 star teams, with Bojan, Xherdan Shaqiri, and Ibrahim Afellay in their squad.


Reality: Stoke were widely tipped to be this season’s dark horses after an impressive summer spending spree and solid management from a settled Mark Hughes, though in reality, their stars haven’t quite lived up to their billing. Bojan is yet to get back up to top speed following injury, Shaqiri has only shown glimpses of his class, and Afellay is yet to truly cement down a first team slot. They’re a good team, but they’re simply not great.

4. England – 5 Stars

FIFA 16: If you want a classic international team with former glory and a fresh set of stars, England are a great bet. You can assemble a perfect balance of experience in the shape of Wayne Rooney and John Terry, and pace in the form of Raheem Sterling, Daniel Sturridge and Theo Walcott. Quality, power, pace, England have it all…

Reality: Each year it’s a case of seeing how overrated England are. Every single FIFA game notches them well above their level in reality, and FIFA 16 is no exception. On the face of it, England have a 100% winning record in their European Qualifier group. 30 points out of 30 available. Congratulations England, you toppled the mighty San Marino, behemoths Lithuania and fearsome Estonia… The story is recurring. England are excellent against the minnows, but can’t hold their own against the best in the world.

3. Netherlands – 5 Stars

FIFA 16: Holland are a slick, fluid, exciting team, and a great alternative to the usual suspects like Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Spain; plus you get to wear those orange kits. They’re slightly lacking in defence, but they more than make up for it with pure attacking class in the shape of Robin Van Persie, Arjen Robben, Memphis Depay and Klaas-Jan Huntelaar.

Reality: Holland are out of Euro 2016 before the tournament has even started. Czech Republic won Group A, Iceland qualified in second, Turkey secured a playoff spot in third, and the Dutch were left out to rot in 4th with just Kazakhstan and Latvia finishing below them. It’s a travesty for Dutch football, and a genuine shame that one of the brightest international teams won’t be lighting up the tournament stage next year. It’s sad to declare, but Holland simply haven’t got the 5 star credentials.

2. Chelsea – 5 Stars

FIFA 16: Chelsea went into 2015/16 as the Champions of England being steered by Jose Mourinho towards an even brighter future. EA justifiably slapped huge ratings on their players and the club as a whole. For starters, they maintained their 5 star status, while Eden Hazard (89), Cesc Fabregas (87), Diego Costa (86) and John Terry (85) among many others were handed generous boosts.

Reality: The Champions League would have been firmly in their sights this season for Chelsea after wrapping up the league last time around. But the dream of focusing on Europe’s top prize is on hold as the club desperately flap around for a top half spot in the Premier League. It’s astonishing to see how far they’ve fallen with the FIFA 16 Coins XBOX ONE, but it’s true, Chelsea are sitting in 15th position with all of their top stars firing blanks, and Jose Mourinho’s job set to be under genuine scrutiny. Watch this space.

1. Juventus – 5 Stars

FIFA 16: Juventus are one of the most attractive teams on the entirety of FIFA 16 with a perfect blend of everything you need to be successful on the game. Paul Pogba is their star man; a marauding midfielder with an 86 rating and a set of skills good enough for any side in the world. Juve have 15 players with an 81 rating or above, demonstrating that they have strength in depth as well as individual star quality.

Reality: Juventus are one of the most disappointing teams in the entirety of world football right now. The Italian giants could make history by winning a fifth consecutive league title if they triumph this season, but as each game passes, their challenge becomes harder as they’ve fallen down to 12th place. This is all just a few months after squaring up against Barcelona in the Champions League Final. An enormous turnaround is needed if they are to salvage their season…and save their stars from moving onto other clubs.


Score More Goals In EA FIFA 16

Football matches are often decided through rare moments of magic, and these moments are goals. But if you lose your matches by fine margins, or if you want to improve on your score, we have some easy tactics to assist you with your goals. So let’s delve right in.

FIFA 16 has improved shooting a lot; both near post and far post. During big games, try to watch the power bar and under-power your shots. By doing so, you will be able to slot it more accurately into the net, and even if the keeper makes the save, you can score with the rebound. Over-powered shots sometimes result in the keeper making a tremendous save, or the ball will sail out of play if there is too much power on the shot.

Another way, especially if you try to catch the goal keeper flat-footed from outside the box, or if you try to bend in the ball into the far post, is to use the “Finesse” shot. The player wraps his foot around the ball and curls it into the corner; outside the goal keeper’s reach. Hold the R1/RB and the Shoot buttons to score with the Finesse shot.


In high-line defense, when the goal-keeper is close to the player with the ball, the best way to score in this situation is to just tap the shoot button to release a grounded shot. With not much distance between the keeper and the ball, he is not able to react and the ball will find its way into the net. This is without doubt, the most effective way to score goals from close range.

Now with the traditional shot from the player’s laces, we all love to score from outside the box. Always pick a player with 80+ attributes of “Long Shots”. You will have a really good chance to score if you put your foot through the ball with enough fifa coins. Another option to score a goal between a flurry of opponent players is to chip the ball. Once you master it, you see the ball sneak in just under the bar from all of 25 yards, it is extremely useful.

So the next time you play against the time and need a goal to win the match, you will have a clear idea of what options you have and which option is the best in the situation. The only way you can master these skills is if you practice, practice and practice. So get back on the pitch and show us what you are made up of!

FIFA 16: Comprehensive Trading Guide

Hey FIFA, last week’s poll results meant that this week I would be detailing the “TOTY Christmas Crash”. If you missed my last post, just click here. I’m sorry for missing the Saturday deadline this week although the weekend was hectic and I didn’t get round to writing a guide. This week I’ll be releasing two guides as compensation, so stay tuned.

Without further ado, lets begin. So before we get into the nitty-gritty of the guide, we need to explain what the TOTY Christmas Crash is. On the 12th of January 2015 (predicted, click here to learn more) special cards or “Team of The Year” cards are released, which are basically a special IF card (much like the “blue Messi”) that players who have performed well over the season are gifted. Predictions for TOTY are available on site such as futhead.
How does this affect prices?

So, in this January period when TOTY is released, players have the best or biggest chance to pack some incredible players and thus a large proportion of players will inevitably buy packs. This, like we saw with “blue Messi” and “Lightning packs” causes a huge increase in supply of player cards and thus a subsequent drop in price. As such an abundance of TOTY cards are released this will be probably one of the largest pack openings and the market will hit rock bottom, with some players decreasing in price by up to 60%.
Now, many players will soon realise that the value of their players will vastly decrease. So most players sell their entire team and entire player base with Fifa 16 coins ps3, only to buy it back when prices are cheaper during the TOTY crash. This selling can occur up to roughly one month away, so as multiple players do this, more cards are available on the market and prices slowly decrease.

How to profit (without buying packs)?
Prices after TOTY will rise, as they have no other option. Due to this also being the single biggest event that could cause a market crash, this is probably the safest form of investment anyone could ever choose to partake in. It’s more of a question of who will earn you the most profits, rather than who will earn you any profits. For instance I run a paid service whereby I advise players on who to invest in. This is me purely sitting down for a few hours and analysing past trends and market performance. I would say my specific skill set is estimating prices of players and who are good investments. I aim to make my clients more money in profit for a lesser cost than buy Fifa 16 coins, as this is an interactive, legal and educational way to play FIFA. Now obviously you don’t have to do it to that degree of accuracy, however by having a “general idea” by following the criteria listed below you are on course to make some good cash.


Picking a player to invest in after TOTY will depend on some key factors including; popularity, league, performance in real life, position and nationality. If these simple 5 criteria are met you can bet you will be making profits. For example, IF Xherdan Shaqiri was a player I invested heavily in over this past weekend. I bought 7 of him for 188,000. In a matter of hours, the price jumped to 275,000. Now, here we won’t focus on the profits and how much I invested, this time we’ll concentrate on the motive behind investing in this player.

So, here we’ll match IF Shaqiri against some of the criteria above:
Popularity – Shaqiri is a popular player, playing for arguably one of the best clubs in the world and has a high rating.

League – The Bundesliga is the 3rd most popular league to form a team around behind the BPL and Liga BBVA.

Performance – Shaqiri is a unarguably a great player, his performance has been good, not incredible, scoring 1 goal in the Bundesliga and assisting 2. This does not give him enough credit however, as he has played an essential role at RM for Bayern Munich.

Position – Normal Shaqiri’s position is RM, however his position on his IF card is CAM which is most of the time converted to ST. Thus making him more desirable due to his high pace, dribbling and shooting attributes.
Nationality – Xherdan Shaqiri is Swiss, which unfortunately is not a popular nationality. This really doesn’t matter however as the benefits in this case outweigh the negatives. An example of a popular nationality is Spanish, as a large amount of people create solely Spanish squads.

Shaqiri also has a huge trait, which makes him very desirable. This trait is that he is the second highest rated striker behind Lewandowski. Many players actually prefer Shaqiri rather than Lewandowski, solely due to his pace.

Like I say every single guide, if you match this criteria up with other players whom you are looking to invest in you will find players whose price will rapidly rebound after the TOTY crash. Shaqiri is just a good example, there are others though who potentially will earn you greater profits this TOTY.
A few tips
The first one is obvious. Don’t buy the packs. Yes, there is a chance you will pull a TOTY Messi or Ronaldo, however the chances of you doing so are so slim that you’d be better off investing all of your FUT coins due to the safe nature.

Secondly, in the meantime, buy a very cheap squad which will be “resistant” to the market crash. This is a squad where the players are around or at “discard price” as they physically cannot go down any lower than their discard price. If you want to know more about discard prices read my other trading guides.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.
Instead of a Strawpoll for the next guide, if anyone has any dying urges to understand some market techniques just let me know in the comments and we can do a guide before saturday.