FIFA 16: Gaining Equity

Being the best at football — or soccer depending where you’re from — often requires having eyes on the back of your head.

The same can be said for football video games.

See, when you find yourself at the top of the world for a long time, it can be easy to lose sight of the competition as they suddenly sneak up on you and steal the ball from behind. It happened to FIFA video game competitor Pro Evolution Soccer, which relinquished its lead from the Playstation 2 says and essentially got relegated to the sidelines during the previous console generation. After many years spent at the top of the “futbol” mountain and a new console generation in tow, it’s the FIFA video game series’ turn to make sure it doesn’t fall victim to the same move, especially given the impressive charge that its competitor mounted last year.

For its part, EA Sports attempts to fine tune its football formula in FIFA 16 with some notable changes. The most obvious one is the addition of international women’s soccer teams, with U.S. women’s team forward Alex Morgan sharing prime real estate with Argentine and FC Barcelona forward Lionel Messi on the Fifa 16 account. It’s a move that more jaded fans of the series might decry as they contend that the time invested in the move would have been better served on improving the core gameplay. Personally, however, I applaud the decision to add women’s soccer to the mix as I’m a fan of the Women’s World Cup. Based on the ratings generated by this year’s championship game in the once not-so-soccer-crazy United States, it looks like I’m not the only one.

At the very least, it’s one of the definitive advantages that FIFA 16 has over the suddenly game Pro Evolution Soccer 2016. It’s also a refreshing change of pace as the women’s side plays and feels differently from the men’s game. My only gripe is that it doesn’t include the Japanese women, although stalwarts such as the U.S. and Germany are at least represented among the 12 teams. Given all the negativity surrounding the FIFA organization’s scandals, having one of the positive stories of the sport included is a big plus in my book.


Another change I noticed is that the defense has been tightened up a bit. It’s something that’s especially noticeable in higher difficulties, though it still isn’t quite as suffocating as PES 2016. For the most part, I had an easier time weaving through the defense with the sprint button pressed and moving around in this game than I did with its rival. Depending on your preferences, that’s either good or bad, but it’s one point of distinction from its competitor. Passing also was made a bit more challenging so you can’t just spam the pass button. It’s improved over last year though still not quite as smooth as PES 2016. I recommend trying out different passing settings to find the one that works best for you.

For newcomers, I found FIFA 16 to be more beginner friendly as it’s easier to pick up compared to the more technical controls of PES 2016. Graphically, I prefer the character models of the latter though FIFA gets the nod when it comes to the stadiums as well as overall production values. Commentary is also better overall in FIFA 16 and it retains the advantage with licenses as well as its Ultimate Team mode.

What isn’t as easy to answer, however, is which offers better action on the pitch. Both games certainly offer solid gameplay but they definitely feel different so this is one of those things that boils down to personal choice. Admittedly, I find PES 2016’s gameplay to be a bit more engaging as I have to work harder to get through the defense and one-on-one confrontations feel like mini battles of their own. Some folks, however, might prefer FIFA’s more arcadey style on the pitch and I won’t fault them for that either.


Analyzing: FIFA 16 Broadcast Packages

When it comes to presentation, EA Sports’ lineup of games has often lagged behind the competition. However, the FIFA series has been the exception to that trend, and that theme continues with FIFA 16. The game’s developers have not only cranked up the presentational value in career mode and kickoff, but also in the ever-popular FIFA Ultimate Team.

More Chants and Better Commentary
Crowd participation in soccer is huge. There are various chants that are synonymous with certain venues. FIFA 16 has added over 900 new chants to augment the audio presentation. Here’s a sample that captures Paris Saint-Germain’s “Allez Paris” chant:

FIFA 16 will fully immerse you in the story of your club’s season. Our commentators will remark with Cheap FUT 16 Coins, including notable player or team performances, big player debuts and transfer rumors. In-game graphics and commentary will also pick up on interesting team stats for matches and reference the wider context of league standings.

Bundesliga is one of the most popular leagues in the world, and thus it deserves its own broadcast package. Matches between two clubs from the German league will have a distinct look and feel.

We’ve seen this element in Premier League and La Liga matches in previous versions of the game. It only makes sense that Bundesliga contests are now following suit.

FUT Broadcast Package
The card-collecting and fantasy sports modes have taken the sports video game world with Fifa coins. FIFA joins Madden as one of the first EA Sports titles to deliver special presentation for the mode.

Thankfully, the commentators will no longer come off as oblivious to the fact that you’re playing a FUT match. In fact, per, the virtual broadcast will now feature notifications about players who are debuting on your team, as well as audio references to your team.

Per EA Sports, FUT is the game’s most popular mode. If this is the area of the game where gamers spend the most time, it should have a shiny broadcast package. Based on the information we’ve seen, FUT will be getting its due.

CM Features of FIFA 16

I just hope player career mode gets something added, it’s so bland.. play, sim, transfer, repeat, theres no challenge to it…

It’s funny how they mention in a tweet saying ‘Big news about Ultimate Team!’ Please God make Career mode the best thing since football was invented…

Based on their previous developments it’ll probably be a system where the youth academy is unlocked by spending a massive amount of points earned in FUT.

Allow Manager to Player interaction – for example, when a player asks to play a certain game allow the manager to let them know he won’t be playing that game but the following game.

Make World Class difficulty playable without all the insane CPU passes and annoying scripted plays.

Include U21/YA leagues or fixtures to allow the non-loan players to get some game time.


Thanks for the info! I still play on Professional as I enjoy it more than the hard graft of World Class/Legendary. I turned the sliders (pass error, gk ability, marking etc) up to around 75/80 and it seems to work. Although i simulate most games nowadays. I just want a difficulty thats just right for my performance level without the need to edit the sliders.

I currently still play on World Class because Legendary is just too boring for me – almost every game ends in either 0-0 or 1-0. However, World Class is getting too easy for me and the scripting is really annoying.

Honestly guys, don’t get your hopes up. Ultimate team has been and always will be the money maker for EA. Career mode would only be drastically improved if they could get some sort of financial benefit from it. I’d personally love it if they brought back the creation centre, or added an in-game editor so you can fully customise your own career mode if you have enough Fifa 16 coins. Unfortunately I don’t see anything like this being added to FIFA 16. Now I do really hope I’m wrong, because I hate being a pessimist, but all I’m trying to say is set your expectations low.

FIFA 16: starts running, guys

The one that pisses me of is players not coming close when you pass them. When they just stand there the game becomes more stiff. Also hate that player who is rated 74 or something (Luis Muriel) is far better than player rated 88 (Falcao). They should make the game more slower. Because now you just pass it to Aubameyang and he starts running and oh my god its a goal. Keepers are retarded. If attacker is running towards keeper and the keeper is running towards attacker they just stand there when the attacker runs past him. And also why cant keepers have red cards. Once Buffon saved a shot when he was outside the box because there are no hand fouls??

Sometimes when the goalie comes out to clear the ball, he will control it with his feet and start dribbling.

When you search for a manger or position change, some of your parameters are lost when exiting a search. For example, if you search for CDM -> CM for <300 coins, then back out to make a different or more specific search, you have to reselect CDM -> CM for some reason.

Not receiving tournament prize for winning the final in extra time/on penalties (I know that EA has a system called “Team of the Tournament” for selecting the tournament prize winner, but this feature really needs to go).


Not being able to add parameters for league/country after you’ve already selected a player in a market search. It doesn’t matter at the beginning of the year, but it makes searching for winter/summer transfers a little tricky (this one is very minor, I’ll admit).

Good idea for getting this together. I’ll edit more glitches/broken mechanics into my post as I remember them.

Defenders not reacting to commands when under the slightest amount of pressure (not passing the ball away and running in a straight line until the striker tackles them or they run out of play, despite pressing A)
Player name bars disappearing after a dead ball.

Inability to search for IFs/transferred versions of cards in FUT
Search filters applying to all categories in the transfer market i.e. If I search for a bronze fitness card between 300 and 700 Fifa coins then those same filters are added to the players, staff and club items sections too, meaning I have to reset them individually.

Players back-heeling the ball unnecessarily, especially frequent inside my own box which is where it should happen the least.

Players ignoring instructions I set them (I told you to stay back when we attack, Matic!!)

Untradable players shouldn’t appear at the end of your club, but in order of rating with the tradable ones instead. Such a pain when you have really good untradable players.

More of a general suggestion than a bug… but I think each player should have only 2/3 preferred positions (ones they’ve actually played in in real life) that they can be changed to and nothing else, which would stop people using the likes of IF Bale in CDM. So for instance Lahm can play CDM or RB, Messi can play ST or RW, Rooney in ST or CAM etc etc. This could mean only having one position change card in the game as well.

Fitness/injury cards should be scrapped as they’re a waste of pack space

FIFA 16: the Best CDM

I know how many of you hate player reviews, but I feel like after playing with this monster of a man I had to make a review.

Yaya Toure, or as I like to call him “Black Magic,” is the greatest attacking/defending force on my team even when I usually play him at the back in CDM with a lot of Fifa 16 coins android. He strikes fear in the eyes of his opponents that make sweaty demons like Benteke and Dombia fall to the pitch in the fetal position and cry for mercy. His longs shots are so powerful they make inform De Gea’s dive the wrong way in utter terror of obtaining third degree burns as the ball speeds by them.

Pace: On the card it is only 76 with a 78 sprint speed, but this is irrelevant. As he runs with each step he creates miniature earthquakes that make his opponents fall over if they enter a 6 yard perimeter around his body. Whenever a defender is able to keep balance enough to make a decent challenge on the ball, they get a sensation of a freight train hitting them at 200mph launching them off the ball so hard even Mehmet Yildiraz would call a yellow card.

Sho: This monster is able to launch balls out of the atmosphere with the sheer stregnth of his right leg. His power and accuracy combined can land set pieces from 40 yards out 10/10 times regardless of who’s in goal.
Pas: Sometimes Black Magic remembers that the game is unfair if he just scores so easily so he also likes to assist every once in a while. He is what made over the top through balls OP, not EA. His placement is impeccable. Him compared to Iniesta, is like comparing Van Gogh and a 3 year old who colors outside the lines of a coloring book.


Dri: 79, irrelevant, because he doesn’t actually dribble. He runs near the ball and allows it to catch onto his orbit as it just rotates around him making it impossible for any Boateng/Benatia duo to stop.

Def: This is why I like him at CDM. 80 defending, more like 98. He stops forwards on a dime. Not only does he steal the ball, but also their shoes, socks, and dignity as he sprints away laughing on his way to another 40 yrd strike.

Phy: Is there much to be said? Matching up to Toure is like trying to stop an elephant in search of peanuts, it’s like watching a jet takeoff, it’s like combining four Akinfewa’s and giving them the pace of doumbia. It’s traumatic.

Now you may be saying “oh you’re wasting him by putting him at the back with M/M workrates,” or “why spend that much when i can just get inform Pogba for almost the same price?” You’re wrong. Oh you are facing a five at the back and are stuck trying to pass around Ramos or Godin. Waut what’s that? Why is the ground shaking?

That’s toure smashing in like owning 1500 Fifa 16 coins bucking bronco from the back. You loft it back to him as he one times it from the midfield line into Ramos’s face so hard that it meses up Ramos’s perfect hair, yes his hair, deflecting into the back of the net over Casillas just to trot back and defend your opponent from any ninety minute bullshit EA has scripted into the game.

Against a bunch of players in FIFA 16

My guess is that the matchmaking is designed for more than just giving you a fair match.

Sure, you’ll get matches in your division against other players with a similar skill level.

But I also think that matchmaking also takes into account connection quality. I don’t know about you guys, but I’d rather play someone a little bit better or worse with a solid connection than play someone on the other side of the world that has an identical skill level, but has an absolutely shitty connection that makes the game a lag fest.

Also, I think EA wants to keep your Fifa 16 account safe. I bet they put you against a bunch of players at a lower skill level than you so that you win a bunch of matches in a row, and then after going on a big winning streak, they put you against better players until eventually they put you back against inferior players. Half the games you play will be against players at your actual skill level, so when you’re being put against better players, the best you can really hope to do is hold your division.


See, EA says they do this, but I am constantly paired up with people who have utterly shitty connections (I know it’s not mine because if it was I would never see green latency or have a smooth game). This could easily be due to EA’s own shitty servers but I thought 1v1 matches were peer to peer.

I bet they put you against a bunch of players at a lower skill level than you so that you win a bunch of matches in a row, and then after going on a big winning streak, they put you against better players until eventually they put you back against inferior players.

That’s basically what happens with the ELO system. Let’s say your ELO rating is 1000. You may play and win a few games with people within 10 points of 1000 (similar skill level). Each win gives you rating points so lets say after a bunch of wins (some pretty lucky) youre at 1100. The players you are matched up with around 1100 Fifa coins now are actually better than you and you lose several games and are now back to 1000.

The reasons you usually play people in 1 is probably because there are less divisions around you when you’re in Div 1 and there are more people in there than the divisions I was playing in. I don’t know why you’re arguing this point. Look at the f-ing data. Being thrown in with players with crappy connections has nothing to do with how players are ranked and matched based on that ranking. Nothing is going to fix that besides everyone playing on the same quality connection.

FIFA 16: fantastic response

This is a fantastic response. Buying packs is compulsive spending, something everyone has been guilty of at some point in time whether it be buying something they didn’t intend to because it was on sale or treating themselves because they earned Fut 16 coins. Your first step is recognizing the problem, and you’ve already made a lot of progress by realizing it. I don’t think much more needs to be added to /u/pepito420’s comment, but when I was young (up until around high school) I used to be a compulsive buyer. I’m now very good with money, here are some of the things I’ve learned over the years to ask myself: is it really worth it?

Pay with cash. You obviously can’t buy packs with cash, so you’re left with two options: going to the store to buy MSP / PSN credit or linking your credit card to continuously load Fifa Points. Multiple research studies have found that people tend to spend more money when they use debit or credit cards rather than paying in cash. Forking out cold hard cash to the cashier is a lot harder for me than swiping my credit card. If you still must buy FP, force yourself to go to a local store to buy pre-loaded cards. When I first started playing FIFA, I opened around $60 in packs in the form of 3 x 1600 MSP cards which I bought at my local Best Buy (spent $0 since then on FIFA).


Each time I wanted to open packs, I had to ask my parents to drive me to the store to buy these cards. Overall, it was a pain in the ass and it forced me to ask myself if it was worth it.

If you want something, sleep on it. This has saved me countless dollars since I’ve tried it, and while it sounds stupid, it does work. The more expensive the item is, the longer I wait. If I need it, I buy it…but for everything else, I wait.

Most of the time, I completely forget I wanted it in the first place. If not, I get another chance to really consider if it’s worth it to me. Most of the time, it isn’t. If you see an amazing pack pull on /r/FIFA and get the urge to open packs to see if you have the same pack luck, wait. Come back the next day and I can almost guarantee you that you won’t have the same strong urge to open packs. Over time, you’ll get much better at controlling this impulse, to the point where you only have to wait a few minutes for the impulse to pass.

Don’t compare yourself to other people. The front page has plenty of posts from time to time about how they pulled this IF or that TOTS card. Do I wish I could have that kind of pack luck? Yes, everyone does! But you have to realize (if you don’t already) that those posts rise to the top for a reason. They’re rare, very rare in fact. So rare that it isn’t worth it to try to pack them as /u/pepito420 touched on earlier. While FUT may be more fun with a crazy expensive team, the same fun can be achieved with a sweaty team, or a team of players from your favorite club.