FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Discussions


I understand your sentiment man but I couldnt disagree more. The whole point of the ultimate team game mode is to build your ultimate team. You do that by playing matches and trading. The idea is to win games and become better and win tournaments and make your way through the divisions and start to gather cheap Fifa 16 coins and then trade to further your capital.

By doing so you can afford better players and so on and so on. In my opinion attribute cards should not even be in the game. They are very anti the entire premise of building an ultimate team. Yes, you are right they can be very useful and make an average player good or a good player great. (Although in the few times I used them I actually felt a bit of disadvantage because it felt like my opponent got the boost even more than I did)

But, in a sense its quite like steriods. Instead of saving and trading your way to a better player you just spend a few coins and slap a +10 on a regular player. Its like the MLB players in the 90’s who instead of working hard and training just took anabolic steriods. Yes, you are right using attribute cards is not breaking any rules at all. No doubt about that. But its cheap, bush league, and amateurish. When I see an entire team with + 10’s on them before the match starts I usually prepare for the following.. lb + y, kickoff glitches, crossing in fut 14, and sprint spamming.

To me these kind of things go hand in hand. Its the do anything to win mentality even if it means being a douchebag. Instead of genuinely trying to play well or smart and get better instead just exploit the game and use steroid cards. None of these exploits are against any rules either but it really cannot be fun to play that way if that is the only way you can win. What makes it worse is that at times it feels like FUT and FIFA in general is geared towards this type of player to help them beat the really talented and skillful players. To each their own. I really would like to see all the attribute cards out of the game in fut 16. These are my opinions right or wrong. Agree to disagree.


Cups is still a completely broken mess in FIFA 16

How about some patches to actually fix the issues next time round? Cups is still a completely broken mess where it matches where it consistently meshes several teams together. This was on an issue on launch day, and still happens even now.

Sort out the AI so it doesn’t keep shooting you in the foot. Look, we all know that almost every team we play is going run down the wing and abuse the pace, then cut inside and play a pass across to the guy in the middle. We all also know that it is absolutely pointless attempting to defend this, or put a player in the right position, because as soon as the pass is played your player will switch away from the defender in the middle and that defender will go for a nice casual stroll allowing the striker to tap the ball past the goalkeeper who may as well not be there.


Have any of these issues been patched? NOPE! And they won’t get fixed either, because the people at EA are too busy counting their mountains of cash from the FUT prats. Knowing our luck, they’ll go ahead and introduce perishable boosts to Clubs, effectively killing it for every body who doesn’t try to cheese the system and abuse the crappy AI and the goalie being inept at anything close to the near post.

In an ideal world, the best thing they could do is take it back to the original idea. Every play has the same overall rating, including the CPU players. That way you won’t keep getting torn apart by pace abuse prats running by your useless CPU players, it’s made even worse when you’re the ANY because the game will constantly switch you the wrong goddamn player.

The blatant predetermined outcomes need to go as well. If you want that in Seasons and Career, that’s fine. But Clubs should be about the skill and tactics of my team of Pros against the skill and tactics of another team of Pros. Instead, it’s about whether or not you can overcome the cheese tactics of 90% of the Clubs out there who are just abusing poor AI routines time after time after time.

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FIFA 16 preview

Yeah, it’s one of the reasons I’ve stopped playing. I have, and always will, hate UT. I can’t deal with all the sweaty try hards who either A) Use real money to buy the best cards, or B) Use really shit players, but they end up amazing because of pace. I’ve always loved Career Mode, and by extension playing against the AI. But in the past 4 FIFA’s (12,13,14,15) the AI has just gone to shit, getting more Fifa 16 news, more on that in a minute). EA just don’t put love into it.

The worst part is that this year, I bought 15, despite not really wanting to, because the gameplay against the AI felt decent again, but then a few months later, they release a patch that fucking ruined everything. Now the player has been nerfed, but not the AI. It’s like 14 again, which is the FIFA I hate the most.


Now onto Career Mode itself. Anyone who has played it know how bullshit it is. Between GAME BREAKING bugs that go UN-PATCHED and bullshit things like the “homesick” players and what have you, it’s just not fun to play anymore. It really isn’t. The AI for the other managers if embarrassing. They hoard keepers, or strikers, and NEVER replace players, ever.The GTN has ruined the transfer side of it. The new YA glitch where if you edit a youngster he turns into a pensioner, is completely retarded.

On top of the aforementioned game breaking bug where you cannot protect your Fifa 16 coins or else the game will freeze. And then there is the “scripting”, or “artificial difficulty”, to make the game harder, and to stop you from going on winning runs. Oh and good luck playing more than 2 seasons, the game slows down, simming through days slows down, menus become laggy, and guess what? It won’t be fucking patched.

For you see, that right there is problem numero uno, EA does not patch Career Mode. There are bugs present in 15 that have been there since 13, maybe even longer than that. It’s embarrassing and pathetic.
And then there are modes like pro clubs, that took what, 4 years to get any “meaningful” update? That’s just poor.

The single matches in FIFA 16

It’s the whole competitiveness of Divisions, as you’ve obviously stated. But all I’m saying was that back in FUT 12, games were merely single matches, the results of the game only mattered for that game alone, and the next game started from a clean slate. Now games would still be competitive, but the implications of a loss was much less, which gave people less pressure to win because it had no effect on the games you play after that.

Competition is good, but stemming from that competition are people that play like pricks and exploit the game to get any advantage to win, hence why you see lots of sweaty players now. This sort of competitiveness brings out the best, but also the worst(playing sweaty, also forcing the casual crowd to feel obligated to buy Fifa 16 coins in order to match squad quality with those they’re trying to beat) in players. You can’t deny that the atmosphere of the game this year is much more different than years before.


FUT in 12 had plenty of pacewhoring, constant finesse-shot faggotry and guys passing around the back for the last 20 mins because it was impossible to get the ball back. Not to mention people quitting if you scored a goal inside 5 mins.

The “atmosphere” of the game was no better. You’re using a selective memory ir just have unintentional rose-tinted glasses.

This is perfect. Back in FIFA 12 I played the game for fun. If i wanted to try and win something, I’d enter the tournaments. Divisions personally ruined the game for myself because the coin bonuses are too good to neglect playing seasons mode, but the amount of try-harding to win those points to get the coin bonuses ruined the enjoyment for me.

Playing single matches allow me to at least enjoy the game no matter the result but, like I said, the coin bonuses of seasons mean that I don’t often find myself playing single matches.

Yeah I think you’re right. People were a lot more willing to send GG messages etc after matches. I don’t know if that was due to seasons or not but people take it a lot more seriously now.

Coins are also important to players in FIFA 16

First, coin selling isn’t illegal. It’s against the TOS and can get you banned, but it’s not against the law. That’s beside the point. More importantly, that’s not my gripe at all here – the issue is that everyone got treated completely differently based on nothing valid. If you just sold your team this weekend on PSN, you have struck it rich and made HUGE gains. If you sold your team this weekend on xbox, you lost your ass and now have about half as much value as you did before their change.

If you sold it on PC, you are utterly screwed and have, what, maybe 10% of your original value before selling? If you had cheap Fifa 16 coins on PSN, you made out like a bandit, if you had coins on xbox, you lost your ass, etc, etc. Take coin buyers/sellers out of this – many legit people got screwed or gifted for the sake of “sticking it to the coin sellers”. They could have addressed this hundreds of ways without randomly changing the value of everyone’s club.

Another major disappointment is that they’ve created a system where there is no choice but to buy points if you want a top level player. Even if you have Messi or Ronaldo, you can’t sell them and buy another player on a similar level because almost no one is going to sell them. Occasionally, someone will pack a duplicate and it’ll be sold at the max value, but it will be so rare, you won’t be able to plan on getting any of the top level cards. It’s just pure crap. It might have been OK if they separated the markets, but they didn’t.


Regardless of how you feel about people who want to have good players without using the pay to win method (ie traders), or shall I say, people who prefer to pay via time and effort instead of cash – what EA did is a total dick move to them and it’s just par for the course for EA. Another day, another dollar.

BTW: I’m a much more upset about game play flaws than I am about this market blunder but it’s pretty clear they’ll fix issues at their own pace. I just find it extremely rude to proactively upset your consumers in such a way.

There is no system, but lotsa time and effort was used to make Fifa 16 coins by many people and the value of that time and effort was changed, in some cases, very drastically. At the very least, it was a dirty capitalistic move that showed no signs of concern or respect for the consumer. They can claim they did this to help the consumer but doing it mid cycle was purely to crap on the coin sellers so they could regain their profits.

It had nothing to do with doing what is right for the people who play the game. That said, it’s still a great idea for next year. If they put enough effort into it, they might be able to pull it off. I’d love to see the true spirit of the mode restored – earning your way to the top, some by grinding, some by spending cash and getting lucky.

The Future of FIFA 16

If they intend to carry over these price limits in FIFA16, how the hell are they going to work it all out. Which player costs what. There are so many players it will be impossible for them to get a good price set for each player.

They don’t know how much a player is going to sell for on the market in FIFA16, so how on earth are they going to set limits? I mean, you can’t know at this point if for example if let’s say… Aguero is shocking in FIFA16 so would be worth no where near 500k or whatever. He only be worth 100k in reality, yet his market limit will be 300k to 500k and no one will ever be able to actually sell their Aguero.

Not only that, but without Fifa 16 coins buying and with trading being essentially dead, how will they ever expect someone to be able to buy Messi/Ronaldo in FIFA16? The only way to get that player legitimately at the moment (well before the ranges came in) now is to trade or unpack with FIFA points. So they take away the one method of obtaining Messi which doesn’t cost real money? Are you serious…

This is a full price game, bear in mind. We already pay a one off fee for the game, so how can they really expect it to be pay to win also, that’s a game mechanic which is barely acceptable in Free to Play let alone a full retail price game. Now we have to pay full price for a game which is essentially the same as the previous (except with new bugs and pointless features etc) AND with that, we will never even be able to compete with the people that spend thousands on points. If this is the route they want to take then they seriously need to rethink the cost of obtaining players. The price of Points needs to come down. And the odds of getting a good player need to improve. If the odds and prices stay the same for FIFA16 and they keep this player price range how it is now, I am done with FUT and I hope everyone else feels similarly.

For me, this is the laziest way for EA to fix coin selling. Rather than fix the fundamental issues (match glitching) they do this price range bollocks. Which is amusing because coin sellers will still be able to match glitch to make coins and they will find a way to carry on selling coins.


My thought/idea
There needs to be a seriously radical change for FIFA16 FUT to work out with player ranges and the only way to do this is base player prices on how many matches it would take to obtain said player, with tournament wins and division wins being a bonus.

Right now you barely make any coins from playing a match on FUT, when you factor in contract/fitness/injuries, you barely profit from the match rewards, especially when the DNF is broken and you’re getting 500 coins or less a game.

So logically, I think we need basically an additional 500 coins per match, injuries need to become more rare and player fitness needs to get lost completely, or have less effect/go down slower.

This way, people can actually be rewarded for PLAYING the game and truly feel like they are building a team as they go along. That’s the gameplay we expect from FUT, it is for me anyway. If anything FIFA points should be nothing more than a shortcut, NOT the only way to improve your squad.
So let’s say you profit 500 coins a match (after buying contracts and fitness etc). How long should it take to get certain players, as this will determine their new market value range.

10 games isn’t really much, so that should basically earn you enough coins to buy a semi decent player. 10 x 11, after 100 or so games you would have a semi decent team, which would almost be your starting point. From then on, you would get a new player every 20 games or so to keep improving your team over time.

This can dissuade ragequits too, oh you ragequit? Barely any coins for you. (Have a match finish bonus of 250 coins, match win bonus of an additonal 100 on what it is now?)

This will make the game a level playing field. You play games and win them? You will end up with a team as good as other people. You pay for FIFA points? You will get a better team faster, but it wouldn’t be vital for success.
You will feel more attached to your players and team as you will be building it slowly, you will learn how to use each player on your team to perfection and the teams you build will be unique.

This could potentially bring bronze and silver players more into the mix. At the moment people only really use silvers for strong links/chem reasons or to make a full silver squad. With this idea, you will then maybe have to use Silver/Bronze players more to make a squad you can afford with good Chem. And it won’t be such a huge disadvantage because other players will need to do the same, unless they buy FIFA points.

I am of the opinion that if someone spends real money on FIFA points, they kind of deserve a better team. They paid extra for it, it’s like First class and Economy class for me. Sure in an ideal world, a plane will have full seating at the same standard but the reality it is, some people want to spend that extra money to have a better experience. Economy class gets you where you want to be still, but perhaps the journey isn’t as easy as the First class one. We all except that, and I have no qualms with that being a thing in FUT.

This is the only way I see player price ranges being fair and realistic. but please, if you have an idea etc then post it here, I’m interested in how pepole feel about the future of FUT.

FIFA 16: next-gen console

PS4 has slightly better hardware, but the actual difference to your eye or in the games is mostly imperceptible.

I would not put too much stock into player prices. They were largely broken by the illegitimate Fifa 16 coins boosting. It won’t necessarily always. be cheaper prices on Xbox.

I also would not worry about population bases. PS4 currently has the lead, but we are very early in this generation still. Also, both consoles have a huge population on FIFA, and it’s not like this game ever has issue with not enough people being online.


The Xbox is better as an all around home media device, especially if you get the kinect. Most gamers don’t base their console decision on home media features, though.

The only other factor, in your case, since you don’t care about contollers, is the exclusives. If you plan on playing other games, check out the exclusives lineups of each console and decide from that.

Go for the exclusive games you prefer more. I played Fifa 15 on pc this year but im getting a Xbox one because of Fifa 16 (and legends) and for the new Halo. But beside the exclusive games, they are pretty much equal. But if you dont care about legends or other Xbox games, i would go for PS because the playerbase is bigger.

I have both, and FIFA 15 on both. I dont know that either is really better than the other, and I am struggling on which to choose for ’16. I am leaning PS4 since I am in the US and there are less FIFA players per capita and its simply a numbers game. More PS4s right now means more people that also probably play FIFA on it.