FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Discussions


I understand your sentiment man but I couldnt disagree more. The whole point of the ultimate team game mode is to build your ultimate team. You do that by playing matches and trading. The idea is to win games and become better and win tournaments and make your way through the divisions and start to gather cheap Fifa 16 coins and then trade to further your capital.

By doing so you can afford better players and so on and so on. In my opinion attribute cards should not even be in the game. They are very anti the entire premise of building an ultimate team. Yes, you are right they can be very useful and make an average player good or a good player great. (Although in the few times I used them I actually felt a bit of disadvantage because it felt like my opponent got the boost even more than I did)

But, in a sense its quite like steriods. Instead of saving and trading your way to a better player you just spend a few coins and slap a +10 on a regular player. Its like the MLB players in the 90’s who instead of working hard and training just took anabolic steriods. Yes, you are right using attribute cards is not breaking any rules at all. No doubt about that. But its cheap, bush league, and amateurish. When I see an entire team with + 10’s on them before the match starts I usually prepare for the following.. lb + y, kickoff glitches, crossing in fut 14, and sprint spamming.

To me these kind of things go hand in hand. Its the do anything to win mentality even if it means being a douchebag. Instead of genuinely trying to play well or smart and get better instead just exploit the game and use steroid cards. None of these exploits are against any rules either but it really cannot be fun to play that way if that is the only way you can win. What makes it worse is that at times it feels like FUT and FIFA in general is geared towards this type of player to help them beat the really talented and skillful players. To each their own. I really would like to see all the attribute cards out of the game in fut 16. These are my opinions right or wrong. Agree to disagree.


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