Cups is still a completely broken mess in FIFA 16

How about some patches to actually fix the issues next time round? Cups is still a completely broken mess where it matches where it consistently meshes several teams together. This was on an issue on launch day, and still happens even now.

Sort out the AI so it doesn’t keep shooting you in the foot. Look, we all know that almost every team we play is going run down the wing and abuse the pace, then cut inside and play a pass across to the guy in the middle. We all also know that it is absolutely pointless attempting to defend this, or put a player in the right position, because as soon as the pass is played your player will switch away from the defender in the middle and that defender will go for a nice casual stroll allowing the striker to tap the ball past the goalkeeper who may as well not be there.


Have any of these issues been patched? NOPE! And they won’t get fixed either, because the people at EA are too busy counting their mountains of cash from the FUT prats. Knowing our luck, they’ll go ahead and introduce perishable boosts to Clubs, effectively killing it for every body who doesn’t try to cheese the system and abuse the crappy AI and the goalie being inept at anything close to the near post.

In an ideal world, the best thing they could do is take it back to the original idea. Every play has the same overall rating, including the CPU players. That way you won’t keep getting torn apart by pace abuse prats running by your useless CPU players, it’s made even worse when you’re the ANY because the game will constantly switch you the wrong goddamn player.

The blatant predetermined outcomes need to go as well. If you want that in Seasons and Career, that’s fine. But Clubs should be about the skill and tactics of my team of Pros against the skill and tactics of another team of Pros. Instead, it’s about whether or not you can overcome the cheese tactics of 90% of the Clubs out there who are just abusing poor AI routines time after time after time.

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