FIFA 16: bronze-only tourneys

People use Bronze teams on UT because they don’t have better teams, want to play in Bronze-only tourneys, want a challenge (i.e. 0 chem bronze team) or to pace abuse with obscure forwards. No one uses a Bronze team for an extended period of time to play normal matches with.

People might support those teams IRL. Look at footage of the average “professional women’s football match”. How many supporters do you see in the stands (if there are any in the first place)? People will only use women teams in FIFA for the novelty factor and you know it.

Play Seasons. Nearly everyone uses Real Madrid or Bayern Munich, the 2 best teams in the game.

They bump the ratings of certain players and leagues because of popularity and competitiveness anyway. MLS teams/ players are habitually overrated compared to many top league players in the top European leagues because they want them to be competitive and fun for quite a big potential market. I don’t see why it would be a problem to do the same here, it’s not like the game is very realistic as is, might as well make those teams fun to play as if you’re going to include them.


3 stars is 1/2 a star away from the lower ranked PL teams who’re much better. It’s the same as many European teams in top leagues who’re much better. If we were going for total realism they’d be lower IMO. That being said it’s more the players towards the top than the teams I have a problem with Fifa coins. Look at Giovinco who was a 76 because he started at Juve this season but who is absolutely ripping up MLS and is clearly a step above many of those more highly rated. Players like Keane, Donovan, Dempsey and Defoe are higher rated than they would be if/ when they were playing in Europe. It possibly has more to do with it being easier to stand out in MLS than any direct attempt to make them overpowered but they’re still higher rated than a lot of players who’re clearly playing a lot better at a higher level of competition.

I think it’s a cool feature to have in the game! Obviously it’s not a huge improvement, but I like to think they would save those bigger announcements, such as changes to game mechanics, FUT, or career mode, for later on when they officially unveil the game as a whole. This is just one game mode.

I don’t care what you guys think, this is fucking awesome and a good step forward for gaming and society. fut16coin highly doubt this is what they consider a killer feature och what will change the game, they will definitely work on other things, but it feels good to make the game more inclusive even though at this point in time the women’s leagues won’t be played that much.


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