CM Features of FIFA 16

I just hope player career mode gets something added, it’s so bland.. play, sim, transfer, repeat, theres no challenge to it…

It’s funny how they mention in a tweet saying ‘Big news about Ultimate Team!’ Please God make Career mode the best thing since football was invented…

Based on their previous developments it’ll probably be a system where the youth academy is unlocked by spending a massive amount of points earned in FUT.

Allow Manager to Player interaction – for example, when a player asks to play a certain game allow the manager to let them know he won’t be playing that game but the following game.

Make World Class difficulty playable without all the insane CPU passes and annoying scripted plays.

Include U21/YA leagues or fixtures to allow the non-loan players to get some game time.


Thanks for the info! I still play on Professional as I enjoy it more than the hard graft of World Class/Legendary. I turned the sliders (pass error, gk ability, marking etc) up to around 75/80 and it seems to work. Although i simulate most games nowadays. I just want a difficulty thats just right for my performance level without the need to edit the sliders.

I currently still play on World Class because Legendary is just too boring for me – almost every game ends in either 0-0 or 1-0. However, World Class is getting too easy for me and the scripting is really annoying.

Honestly guys, don’t get your hopes up. Ultimate team has been and always will be the money maker for EA. Career mode would only be drastically improved if they could get some sort of financial benefit from it. I’d personally love it if they brought back the creation centre, or added an in-game editor so you can fully customise your own career mode if you have enough Fifa 16 coins. Unfortunately I don’t see anything like this being added to FIFA 16. Now I do really hope I’m wrong, because I hate being a pessimist, but all I’m trying to say is set your expectations low.


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