FIFA 16: Fluid Formations

I can’t tell yet. Gameplay wise I usually prefer PES, but I’m not seeing much improvement over last year’s installment.

To some extent, it’s looking like a quicker pes 15. Though my complain in this regard was always in the sense that players didn’t feel alive and aware when need the Fifa coins; responsiveness to my inputs is just one aspect. It’s good that it’s been addressed, but there’s still a long way to go.

I do love Fluid Formations though. It’s a relief that they kept it over this time. But now it doesn’t feel like I can really tweak my tactics like it used to.

And the animations sometimes drive me off the board. You tackle with double X and it feels like the player will always perform the same lunge.


My biggest beef though is Master League. I have more hours logged in this game mode than on all my Fifa 16 account put together – yeah you’ve heard it right! Seeing a striped down ML plucks those rage nerves in me. For a time you couldn’t even TRADE players! Come on!

I fear they’re going all in with their “FUT” thing and neglecting ML.
FIFA… I dunno. I heard they revamped the gameplay but PES took the prizes at Gamescom again this year. FIFA is fun in the long term, but it has some issues too.

To be honest, I think both of them are lacking and have much to show us to regain my enthusiasm.

The word out there is that this will be the last PES for consoles and that Konami is moving to mobile games and those arcade machines of them. It doesn’t help to hook me up.

Edit: Another issue that puts me off is the interface design. It’s good, but it’s basically the same for ages (e.g. scoreboard) and for the life in me I can’t find a reason for them removing the yellow card indicator from the player cursor!
And those statistics by the end of the match. They were ok until FIFA stepped up the game by a whole new level. Player ratings by increments of 0.5 and always ranging between 5 and 8? I still love seeing stats like what, however PES just kills the mood for me.

I gave FIFA 15 a try this last year and though it’s gathering dust on my shelf, I really enjoyed dismissing expensive players to stick with lower ones after realizing they fit me way better then the former. And those career mode journals and tidbits between teams are indeed entertaining… for a time.
By the end of the day, I’ll have to wait for both games to come out to make up my mind.


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