FIFA 16 closed beta

It is not uncommon to see the words “FIFA” and “corruption” in close proximity in a headline, but this time it concerns issues with the closed beta version of FIFA 16. The problems specifically target the PS4 edition, as the download of the game is at risk of being corrupted due to the console’s rest mode feature.

The closed beta has been released to a select group of public testers before its release next month, exclusive to those who receive an invite to download it onto their Fifa 16 coins ps3, ps4, xbox 360 or xbox one. This version, weighing in at 15.7GB, contains Pro Clubs, Career Mode, Online Seasons and Ultimate Team modes, but uses the database from FIFA 15.

Invited testers were then free to comment on the FIFA forums to leave feedback on any improvements on the game. It was there that many left messages regarding problems with the PS4 edition, suggesting that the demo version was corrupted once the download was complete.

Attack of the Fanboy addressed the crux of this issue, stating that it was to do with the PS4 being left in rest mode whilst the download was taking place.


EA have provided a solution to testers experiencing this issue, with step by step instructions to ensure the game is not corrupted upon use.

You should not enter rest mode by pressing the power button on the system or by pressing the PS button on the controller and selecting rest mode
You should ensure your Power Save Settings [Settings > Power Save Settings > Set Time Until PS4 Turns Off > General (Applications)] allow sufficient time for the download to complete or is set to Do Not Turn Off
If the issue is encountered, hold the power button on the system until it turns off [do not tap it] then turn it back on

These bugs are exactly what beta testing is designed to combat with Fifa coins, and hopefully these will be addressed and fixed by the time the full FIFA 16, is released to the public on September 22 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.


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