The controller support of FIFA 16

So after trying the new demo of FIFA 16 on PC yesterday and today I have to say I like it very much and Iam going to buy Fifa 16 coins for sure, but I have a huge problem I have been using xbox 360 wireless controller for 3 years now, I have always been a keyboard player and I dared to use the controller with FIFA 13 and have been using it ever since, it’s been a tough journey but I consider myself a good player with controller now.

But the problem is I absolutely hate the dpad on 360 and the analog sticks are not designed very good, I prefer the ps3 controller layout and here lies the problem I tried to use PS3 controller from my ps3 console but I had all sorts of issues, mainly because the PC version doesn’t support the dualshock 3 and probably because it’s extremely hard to set up and you can only use it when plugged in to PC usb port.

So I decided to invest a little bit of money and I was looking at all the available controllers on the market and I stumbled onto a few gamepads and I like your opinion on them, which one of them should I pick up. This means I won’t be buying the xboxone controller because of the inconvenient layout.

FIFA 16 controller

I was looking at these specific gamepads

The nvidia shield controller – this one looks somewhat like the xbox gamepad but what bothers me is the dpad which is somewhat the same as the xbox 360 and xbone gamepad but I like the layout of both analog sticks, just like the DS 3 controller

The Sony PS4 Dualshock 4 controller – this one I like the most, but what bothers me is the support on the PC and the fact that I will have to use the usb cord with it ….

The last one I have on my radar is the steam Fifa coins controller, I Like the design but the touchpads are probably not suited for a sports game, I maybe wrong, because the controller has still not came out…

So in conclusion, if I buy a ps4 controller or the nvidia shield is there a good support on PC to play FIFA 16 with it? Thank you.


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