The Visual Improvements of FIFA 16

Photo-realistic visuals are almost standard in sports video games these days. Elite series bring you action that causes you to double take when you glance at the gameplay on your monitor or TV screen.

Because of the size of the field and the amount of teams, soccer is a tough task for developers to take on as it pertains to photo-realistic player renders. That said, EA Sports has expanded its amount of scanned player faces for FIFA 16.

Per EA Sports, there are over 350 new star heads scanned into the game. To put that into perspective, consider this: The NBA has 30 teams with 15-man rosters if you count the three players who may be on the squad but don’t dress for games.


If all of those players were scanned for NBA 2K or NBA Live, that would only be 450. FIFA 16 has almost that many new star heads to go along with the ones it had from previous versions of the game.

You see Gareth Bale of Real Madrid in the lead image, but take a look at Eden Hazard from Chelsea as well you have a lot of Fut 16 coins to own them.

Current players aren’t the only ones with scanned heads. Per EA Sports, FIFA 16 also features scanned faces for some of the FIFA Ultimate Team legends.

The Stadiums

There are a whopping 78 stadiums included in the game this year. Nine of them are new to the series, and 50 of them are actual licensed venues.


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