New Draft Mode of FIFA 16

FIFA Ultimate Team has become one of the most popular game modes available to fans of the series. In an effort to build on Ultimate Team’s popularity, and to draw new fans to FUT, EA Sports has created FUT Draft to debut on the soon-to-be-released FIFA 16 on September 22.

If you’ve played Madden 16’s newest mode called Draft Champions, you know what to expect from FUT Draft. Initially, the mode tests gamers’ ability to construct a team of players who play a similar scheme.

Once you’ve drafted a team of the best players available, based on FUT cards, you have the option of pitting them against CPU-controlled teams with a random set of FUT cards, or you can also take on other human-controlled squads online. talks about the decisions and dilemmas that await gamers who try their hand at FUT Draft:

“You’ll be faced with interesting team building challenges: do you grab the best highest rated player in that position or focus on maximizing team chemistry?” `

The objective is to win four matches in a row. If successful, you will earn the title of champion and FUT rewards.

FUT Draft Mode

Unlike Draft Champions, FUT Draft requires gamers to choose a captain early in the drafting process. This selection will be your club’s best player with enough Fifa 16 coins. You’ll get an opportunity to choose between five mega stars of the game. The choices will be random and different each time you play.

While FUT Draft and Draft Champions take place within the Ultimate Team universe, both modes provide gamers with a chance to play with the best players without earning them with pack purchases.

For those who may not have seen FUT at work, here’s a look at the trailer featuring former footballers Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher.

DC is very addictive as you attempt to level up and win four matches in a row. If FUT Draft succeeds in the same manner, and also increases the amount of gamers who play FUT, it’s a win-win for EA Sports.

Perhaps the only thing that could derail FUT is a poor server performance. That hasn’t been an issue with DC. We can only hope FUT follows suit. Gamers will get a sneak peak at FUT Draft and a few other new features when the official demo releases on September 8, per EA Sports.

Look out for more news on FIFA 16 leading up to release and a full review on release date.


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