New Feature of FUT 16 Draft

EA sports showed a overhaul of FUT with the introduction of new feature in FUT as FIFA 16 FUT Draft. FIFA 16 is going to release in September 22 and it seems EA Sports has done some pretty things to make the launching event a grand one.

FIFA 16’s new features have a long list starting from the introduction of Women National Team to changes in dribbling and motions along with inclusion of new Stadiums and new Legends. Along with this EA sports also came to out with some innovative ideas of deciding the regional star player on the cover page of FIFA 16 along with there traditional star player Lionel Messi.

In FIFA 16 Fut Draft, EA said that it will change the whole perspective of FIFA Ultimate Team experience. Draft in FUT will help in developing the team building skills which is the first and most basic step towards the winning the game. Draft will allow the player to select the player from the pack of cards with some pre-defined formations given to choose.

In Draft you need to build your squad from the 5 randomized players for each position and it will be interesting to see weather players focused on the ratings of the card player or more interested to develop a best chemistry among there players as chemistry is again a new feature added in FIFA 16.

In FUT Draft you will also be awarded with rewards which will be worth of your playing and you need to win a four game in a chain to maximize the rewards, including Fut 16 coins, packs, and more.

A video is also uploaded showcasing the ex-Liverpool utility player Jamie Carragher and former Man Utd right back Gary Neville getting their hands dirty with FIFA 16 FUT DRAFT.


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