FIFA 16: starts running, guys

The one that pisses me of is players not coming close when you pass them. When they just stand there the game becomes more stiff. Also hate that player who is rated 74 or something (Luis Muriel) is far better than player rated 88 (Falcao). They should make the game more slower. Because now you just pass it to Aubameyang and he starts running and oh my god its a goal. Keepers are retarded. If attacker is running towards keeper and the keeper is running towards attacker they just stand there when the attacker runs past him. And also why cant keepers have red cards. Once Buffon saved a shot when he was outside the box because there are no hand fouls??

Sometimes when the goalie comes out to clear the ball, he will control it with his feet and start dribbling.

When you search for a manger or position change, some of your parameters are lost when exiting a search. For example, if you search for CDM -> CM for <300 coins, then back out to make a different or more specific search, you have to reselect CDM -> CM for some reason.

Not receiving tournament prize for winning the final in extra time/on penalties (I know that EA has a system called “Team of the Tournament” for selecting the tournament prize winner, but this feature really needs to go).


Not being able to add parameters for league/country after you’ve already selected a player in a market search. It doesn’t matter at the beginning of the year, but it makes searching for winter/summer transfers a little tricky (this one is very minor, I’ll admit).

Good idea for getting this together. I’ll edit more glitches/broken mechanics into my post as I remember them.

Defenders not reacting to commands when under the slightest amount of pressure (not passing the ball away and running in a straight line until the striker tackles them or they run out of play, despite pressing A)
Player name bars disappearing after a dead ball.

Inability to search for IFs/transferred versions of cards in FUT
Search filters applying to all categories in the transfer market i.e. If I search for a bronze fitness card between 300 and 700 Fifa coins then those same filters are added to the players, staff and club items sections too, meaning I have to reset them individually.

Players back-heeling the ball unnecessarily, especially frequent inside my own box which is where it should happen the least.

Players ignoring instructions I set them (I told you to stay back when we attack, Matic!!)

Untradable players shouldn’t appear at the end of your club, but in order of rating with the tradable ones instead. Such a pain when you have really good untradable players.

More of a general suggestion than a bug… but I think each player should have only 2/3 preferred positions (ones they’ve actually played in in real life) that they can be changed to and nothing else, which would stop people using the likes of IF Bale in CDM. So for instance Lahm can play CDM or RB, Messi can play ST or RW, Rooney in ST or CAM etc etc. This could mean only having one position change card in the game as well.

Fitness/injury cards should be scrapped as they’re a waste of pack space


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