FIFA 16: the fantasy football game

Yeah dude make a channel I 100% agree with you and anyone else that says otherwise either hasn’t played enough FIFA or doesn’t think critically enough about the shit that goes on around them.

I used to work as an intern for a startup fantasy football league and it was literally my job to go to message boards and rave about how awesome the site was, regardless of my own opinions. I’d venture to say there are people working for EA whose sole job is to refute the REAL scripting that is going on.

Yeah there are ‘shills’ in every large company, and I don’t doubt for a second that EA have them in here and other large forums on the internet.

Why do you think the big Youtubers get free Legends, invited to events, get early copies of games and get all their points back when they are reset for buying Fifa coins?


Not saying they are shills per se, but EA know they have large followings and watching them pack a SIF Ronaldo or TotY Messi triggers that ‘well just maybe…’ response and they buy packs hoping to get one themselves.
Has any non Youtuber had all their points back when reset?

I wouldn’t put it past EA to only do this to big youtubers as they know that by doing that they will spend it all on packs, make more videos which attract more viewers, which ultimately leads to the rest of us donkeys (me included) spending money on packs and getting nothing at all.

That’s because the only way you could have concrete evidence is to look at the source code of the game, which we will never get to see.

All we have to go by is experiential evidence which, according to countless players, points to the fact that the game is not really fully in our control.

Some people are good enough to overcome it (ie hectic_jukez with his insane record) so its not really an issue for them. Or, some people just don’t care about the game enough Fifa 16 coins pc or play enough to see when this stuff happens in game — I assume those are a lot the people who are adamant that it doesn’t exist.


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