A ridiculous flagrant foul of FIFA 16

I try to play as you described it against the computer but I just cannot score. Most of my games end 0-0 at World Class and above difficulties.

Defending is not really a problem but scoring is just impossible:
Playing possession style, there will always be a time where one of your players just makes an awful pass for no reason and the ball just goes back to the CPU.

Shielding the ball seems useless even with physical players. When I do it most of the time the CPU players just do a slide tackle behind my back with no foul being called while it looks like a ridiculous flagrant foul 😦
When I finally find a good shooting angle in the box, the CPU magically manages to tackle the ball at the very last moment 90% of the time.

If I have a chance to not be tackled by a defender just after getting a lot of Fifa coins, the goalkeeper is just a wall and will stop every shot. I can only score if I am 1v1 but that just never happens.

And if I’ve read your possession story correctly, you pass the ball around in defence for ages until even a computer can’t handle your shit anymore and it gets mad?
No offence friend, but I cannot imagine how this is at all a fun way to play.
In fact, the only time I play against a computer in a year is when I get the demo. I like the unpredictability of a human opponent.


The computer is less repetitive than the constant lob through balls that seem to be a thing online (presumably this becomes less of a thing if I were in a higher division). And, I mean, I can’t imagine how the constant lobbed through balls is at all a fun way to play whereas possession as described by the OP sounds pretty fun so different strokes for different folks.

I try this but I just cant beat world class. i can have 70% possession in a game but i can’t win. The CPU just gets into my half and I can’t take the ball off them. I don’t run at them, I contain and try to get in the way off their passes but they seem to find their players so easily. They just walk through my defence and score

This is what I’ve been doing too, and I find it much more fun than playing online (due to poor connections, or exploitative opponent play). I haven’t won Div 1 yet because you have to win all 10 games, but I can survive ok. The main issue for me is defending. I find it very hard to get the ball off the opposition on World Class/Legendary, and often have to stick bodies in the box and hope their attack eventually breaks down. I suppose a well-timed slide tackle might do it, but I tend not to get Fifa 16 coins android. I do tend to close off crosses, which results in them passing it towards the centre. Perhaps I should just let them cross, as you suggest.


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