FIFA 16: fantastic response

This is a fantastic response. Buying packs is compulsive spending, something everyone has been guilty of at some point in time whether it be buying something they didn’t intend to because it was on sale or treating themselves because they earned Fut 16 coins. Your first step is recognizing the problem, and you’ve already made a lot of progress by realizing it. I don’t think much more needs to be added to /u/pepito420’s comment, but when I was young (up until around high school) I used to be a compulsive buyer. I’m now very good with money, here are some of the things I’ve learned over the years to ask myself: is it really worth it?

Pay with cash. You obviously can’t buy packs with cash, so you’re left with two options: going to the store to buy MSP / PSN credit or linking your credit card to continuously load Fifa Points. Multiple research studies have found that people tend to spend more money when they use debit or credit cards rather than paying in cash. Forking out cold hard cash to the cashier is a lot harder for me than swiping my credit card. If you still must buy FP, force yourself to go to a local store to buy pre-loaded cards. When I first started playing FIFA, I opened around $60 in packs in the form of 3 x 1600 MSP cards which I bought at my local Best Buy (spent $0 since then on FIFA).


Each time I wanted to open packs, I had to ask my parents to drive me to the store to buy these cards. Overall, it was a pain in the ass and it forced me to ask myself if it was worth it.

If you want something, sleep on it. This has saved me countless dollars since I’ve tried it, and while it sounds stupid, it does work. The more expensive the item is, the longer I wait. If I need it, I buy it…but for everything else, I wait.

Most of the time, I completely forget I wanted it in the first place. If not, I get another chance to really consider if it’s worth it to me. Most of the time, it isn’t. If you see an amazing pack pull on /r/FIFA and get the urge to open packs to see if you have the same pack luck, wait. Come back the next day and I can almost guarantee you that you won’t have the same strong urge to open packs. Over time, you’ll get much better at controlling this impulse, to the point where you only have to wait a few minutes for the impulse to pass.

Don’t compare yourself to other people. The front page has plenty of posts from time to time about how they pulled this IF or that TOTS card. Do I wish I could have that kind of pack luck? Yes, everyone does! But you have to realize (if you don’t already) that those posts rise to the top for a reason. They’re rare, very rare in fact. So rare that it isn’t worth it to try to pack them as /u/pepito420 touched on earlier. While FUT may be more fun with a crazy expensive team, the same fun can be achieved with a sweaty team, or a team of players from your favorite club.


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