The single matches in FIFA 16

It’s the whole competitiveness of Divisions, as you’ve obviously stated. But all I’m saying was that back in FUT 12, games were merely single matches, the results of the game only mattered for that game alone, and the next game started from a clean slate. Now games would still be competitive, but the implications of a loss was much less, which gave people less pressure to win because it had no effect on the games you play after that.

Competition is good, but stemming from that competition are people that play like pricks and exploit the game to get any advantage to win, hence why you see lots of sweaty players now. This sort of competitiveness brings out the best, but also the worst(playing sweaty, also forcing the casual crowd to feel obligated to buy Fifa 16 coins in order to match squad quality with those they’re trying to beat) in players. You can’t deny that the atmosphere of the game this year is much more different than years before.


FUT in 12 had plenty of pacewhoring, constant finesse-shot faggotry and guys passing around the back for the last 20 mins because it was impossible to get the ball back. Not to mention people quitting if you scored a goal inside 5 mins.

The “atmosphere” of the game was no better. You’re using a selective memory ir just have unintentional rose-tinted glasses.

This is perfect. Back in FIFA 12 I played the game for fun. If i wanted to try and win something, I’d enter the tournaments. Divisions personally ruined the game for myself because the coin bonuses are too good to neglect playing seasons mode, but the amount of try-harding to win those points to get the coin bonuses ruined the enjoyment for me.

Playing single matches allow me to at least enjoy the game no matter the result but, like I said, the coin bonuses of seasons mean that I don’t often find myself playing single matches.

Yeah I think you’re right. People were a lot more willing to send GG messages etc after matches. I don’t know if that was due to seasons or not but people take it a lot more seriously now.


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