Coins are also important to players in FIFA 16

First, coin selling isn’t illegal. It’s against the TOS and can get you banned, but it’s not against the law. That’s beside the point. More importantly, that’s not my gripe at all here – the issue is that everyone got treated completely differently based on nothing valid. If you just sold your team this weekend on PSN, you have struck it rich and made HUGE gains. If you sold your team this weekend on xbox, you lost your ass and now have about half as much value as you did before their change.

If you sold it on PC, you are utterly screwed and have, what, maybe 10% of your original value before selling? If you had cheap Fifa 16 coins on PSN, you made out like a bandit, if you had coins on xbox, you lost your ass, etc, etc. Take coin buyers/sellers out of this – many legit people got screwed or gifted for the sake of “sticking it to the coin sellers”. They could have addressed this hundreds of ways without randomly changing the value of everyone’s club.

Another major disappointment is that they’ve created a system where there is no choice but to buy points if you want a top level player. Even if you have Messi or Ronaldo, you can’t sell them and buy another player on a similar level because almost no one is going to sell them. Occasionally, someone will pack a duplicate and it’ll be sold at the max value, but it will be so rare, you won’t be able to plan on getting any of the top level cards. It’s just pure crap. It might have been OK if they separated the markets, but they didn’t.


Regardless of how you feel about people who want to have good players without using the pay to win method (ie traders), or shall I say, people who prefer to pay via time and effort instead of cash – what EA did is a total dick move to them and it’s just par for the course for EA. Another day, another dollar.

BTW: I’m a much more upset about game play flaws than I am about this market blunder but it’s pretty clear they’ll fix issues at their own pace. I just find it extremely rude to proactively upset your consumers in such a way.

There is no system, but lotsa time and effort was used to make Fifa 16 coins by many people and the value of that time and effort was changed, in some cases, very drastically. At the very least, it was a dirty capitalistic move that showed no signs of concern or respect for the consumer. They can claim they did this to help the consumer but doing it mid cycle was purely to crap on the coin sellers so they could regain their profits.

It had nothing to do with doing what is right for the people who play the game. That said, it’s still a great idea for next year. If they put enough effort into it, they might be able to pull it off. I’d love to see the true spirit of the mode restored – earning your way to the top, some by grinding, some by spending cash and getting lucky.


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