FIFA 16: defending guide

To me, there are only four stats which I look at when trying to find a suitable CB. These are Height, strength, pace and jumping

Height – Personally, I won’t touch a CB who is under 6’2 tall. I’ve tried using high rated CBs who are 6’0-6’2 tall who may have a high jumping stat, however they seem to constantly get outdone in the air, and concede a lot of headers. We all know heading is a huge part of FUT 14, so having a CB who is 6’2 or over will help massively. Not only do they help to concede less goals, but you also find yourself scoring more goals from corners, which is an added bonus.

Strength – Strength is huge in FUT 14, if you want to buy Fifa 16 coins, it’s entirely possible that a slow but strong CB is able to jostle with him, and win the ball back despite being much slower. I’d recommend at least 80 strength for your CBs so they can do this.

Pace – Pace isn’t as important as it was in FUT 13, however I believe it’s still a fairly vital role to have a bit of pace in your back line. I wouldn’t recommend anything below mid to high 60’s, and to help out with pace, make sure you make good use of chemistry styles which I’ll cover later.


Jumping – Possibly the least important of the four, but just make sure that your CB’s jumping is above around the 60 mark. If they have anything less they hardly get off the ground, and might not be able to get to those huge lofted crosses.

Chemistry Styles

There are two types of chemistry styles which I use for CBs in 14, and that’s Shadow, and Anchor.

For CBs who are below 70 pace, I’d certainly use Shadow to try and boost their pace up. I personally use Dante with a shadow card, and in over 100 games he hasn’t been outpaced at all.

For CBs who are anything over 70 pace I’d use anchor. You can’t go wrong with a mix of added pace, defending and heading.

The reason why I don’t use the sentinel chemistry style for those CBs who are quick enough, is because I can really feel the difference when a player has a +0 boost for pace, and even just a +1 boost for pace, however the difference between +2 Defending/heading and +3 defending/heading is hardly noticeable.


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