FIFA 16 – will be a horror story or not

I feel physically sick, I lost just over 2.6 million coins and they have ‘compensated’ me with 100k or so. Now my question is, if I was lying, why compensate me at all? And if I was telling the truth, why would they only ‘compensate’ me with 100k and not all of my coins back? I worked so hard to get them and it is really putting me off Ultimate Team and experiencing EA games… I have contacted them again and gone into real length explaining my situation extremely clearly. Hopefully they will notice their error and reimburse me with the right amount of coins. I don’t care if it takes up to a month, I just want my coins back at the very least!

So, my advise to anyone using the Web App for bidding? DON’T. It has bugged out for me numerous times but this is the first time it has happened to me with such a substantial amount of coins/players. PLEASE use the console market’s which I feel are much safer and less buggy. I’d appreciate if people could reply to this thread and keep it active so that EA can see this and will hopefully respond to me a bit quicker and also to spread the warning of how temperamental the Web App is. To those of you still reading… thank you!

I will continue to update the thread as I get more information, please keep bumping this thread if possible to get more attention to the issue at hand: Fixing problems like this in the Web App.


So I’ve been waiting a few days now for a response from EA on the help section… No response. Decided to go onto the Live Chat and speak to someone (since I haven’t been able to get through to anyone over the phone due to some issues, yes… more issues.) In a nutshell, what I have been told is the EA Studio have reviewed my case and the amount I have been ‘compensated’ is the correct amount and it is unlikely it will be rectified. Moral of story… Do not use the Web App, don’t bother contacting EA, or if you don’t want to experience any of these issues, do not buy EA products. I have the slightest bit of hope ever that they may rectify this issue, but I’m not holding my breath. Hopefully Robb the community manager can do something when he is online at some point? He hasn’t been online for a few days and I’d appreciate if you guys could spread this topic like wildfire over twitter/any FIFA websites/or get it to the attention of a popular YouTuber. Thanks for reading and as per usual, all your support is appreciated!

The chat log is below…

Liezle: Thanks for contacting EA Customer Experience, my name is Liezle Ann. How may I assist you today?
you: Hi there
you: I was wondering if you could give me an update on case number ‘*CASE NUMBER*’
you: I wanted to know if it has been escalated again, I was ‘compensated’ but they’ve given me the completely incorrect amount of FIFA coins…
you: If the case hasn’t been escalated to the correct department, could you do so for me please?

Liezle: Hi nice meeting you.
Liezle: Sure, let me go ahead and check it out for you.
Liezle: Please give me a few minutes while I am checking on it.
you: Sure, thanks.
Liezle: Not a problem. By the way, may I know your name?
you: *MY NAME*
Liezle: Thank you *MY NAME*. One moment please.
Liezle: Thanks for waiting *MY NAME*, upon checking your case it has been resolved by our Specialist because you were compensated already on your missing claims. I understand your situation and frustration into this. I know how much this means to you and I genuinely apologize for the trouble and inconvenience you have been going through.

you: So what can be done? How is this possible?
Liezle: The FIFA Studio does a thorough investigation on all missing item cases that are forwarded to them. Due to the length of time and the amount of resources required to review each case, the FIFA Studio are not in a position to perform a follow-up investigation unless new additional/relevant information is provided on the case.

you: I have provided new information in the most recent update… I mean my main concern is this: OBVIOUSLY, I am telling the truth, as I have been ‘compensated’… But why would they ‘compensate’ me so little? It makes absolutely NO SENSE.
Liezle: Now, if you have other information or proof that I can add on your case, I’ll reopen it for you and have it forward again to them for another investigation as the studio’s decision is always final and we usually unable to revise it or add to it.

you: Is there any way you could call me or anything as it’s pretty lengthy… Basically it should be sooooooooooooo easy for EA to be able to tell…
you: From the following things, I’m not too sure how much you know about FIFA or how Ultimate Team works?
Liezle: The compensation being granted by the Studio is based on what they have investigated on your account.
you: Basically, the LAST action that occurred on my account, was the coins going missing… Therefore by comparing my ‘TRANSFER FEED’ and my ‘NEWS FEED’ it should be possible to see that 2.6 million coins were bidded on a Ronaldo and 2.6 million coins were not returned, as it would show if I had spent them…

Liezle: What I can do in my part is to have it forward or reopen your case again if you have new information. I hope that you understand that this is something that we don’t control over and being handled by Specialist.
you: Therefore, the only possible explanation for the 2.6 million coins disappearing from my account is the exact way I have explained and I am therefore not lying, yet the strange thing is I have been compensated 100,000 or so coins, which makes absolutely no sense…
you: And it would be in EA’s interests to just compensate me what I have lost, otherwise I will have to go to Social Media and cause a big fuss, which I’d rather not do…

you: As far as I’m concerned the Studio have made an error and the only way for them to rectify this error, is to escalate my case…
Liezle: Alright then *MY NAME*, thank you for explaining your side and let me go ahead take note all of your statements and have your case reopened so that our Studio can investigate on it again. I am unable to provide any assurance for the outcome of the second investigation, however, one thing I can assure is that it will be properly address.


you: Thank you very much… I’d just like them to review the most recent information as I believe they may have made an error between my case and someone else’s as the amount of Fut 16 coins I have been ‘compensated’ just makes no sense…
you: Is there any way you could get them to give me a manual response to my case as opposed to an automated response? I’d just like to know exactly what the reason is for me not being compensated (if that ends up being their decision)

Liezle: You’re welcome *MY NAME*. I would like to apologize, if our reply seems automated, rest assured that this is personally over looked by our Specialist. We are just trained to respond formally. The only automated response is the follow up email.
you: Last time I only received an automated email, I never received a personal one…

you: I didn’t get any reply here just an automated email, I posted the email on the EA forums and many people replied saying that’s the exact same email they had received when they have been compensated
Liezle: It will be the same format for the compensation email.
you: Okay, I mean I’d just like for them to send me a personal one with an apology or something… but anyway, thanks for the help.
Liezle: I’ve escalated again your case to the studio. Please just wait for the investigation to be done.

you: Thank you very much, could you send a copy of that chat log to my email please? I appreciate your help.
Liezle: Alrighty, let me include that on your case *MY NAME*. You have the option to send this conversation on your email. Kindly check it on your end.
you: Thanks
Liezle: Thanks so much for appreciating my help, that truly means a lot to me.

you: Have a nice Christmas! Take care!
Liezle: You too. Is there anything else I can help you with today?
you: That is all… Thanks once again, have a good day/night!

Yup, still nothing. I’m confused about how in my original case review, it took around 5 days or less to be reviewed and for me to be ‘compensated’. Now this time it has been around 17 days or so, yes, there was the Christmas period but that still should mean I should be waiting 17 days. EA staff have now been back to work for 3 days so plenty of time to look at a case that was apparently referred to the ‘Game Studio’ on the 22/12/2013.

Now here’s where things get even more interestingly confusing. I contacted EA Live Support on the 6th January, I was put through to the lovely (LOL) Alyanna, who told me the following:

Alyanna: Thank you. Please give me a moment as I check the account and case.
Alyanna: My apologies if it took some time on checking but from what I can see here you should have received correspondence from the team already but no worries let me submit this to our Game Studio instead so that they could perform a quick review on the report.
you: I haven’t received anything :/
you: I did a while back, but then I got them to review the case as of 21

Alyanna: I understand w/c is why I would submit your report to our Game Studio.
you: And that’s why it has been like 16 days since then and nothing has been done.
you: May I ask what that will do?
Alyanna: Please wait for the correspondence from our team as this shall be quick. I would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused by this delay. Is there anything else that I may assist you with?

you: That is all, how long approximately will I be waiting?
Alyanna: I am unable to offer an estimate on how long it will be before you receive a response, however I can assure you that every effort is being made to process cases such as yours as quickly as possible.
you: Okay thanks anyway. Have a good day.

Okay, so I was told that my case hadn’t been referred to someone higher and I had been waiting for nothing an apparently EA had already contacted me when that clearly wasn’t the case, especially when the case is still ‘OPEN’ on the My Cases page. So here is what a lovely gentleman named Sulabh had to say on the matter when I contacted him today on the 8th January.

you: I was wondering what the latest update was and if it has been sent to the Game Studio.
Sulabh: Ok
Sulabh: Please allow me a minute. So that I can check the status of the case.
you: thanks
Sulabh: I can see that the Specialist Team is on your case however, we cannot see the progress status of the case at our end. I feel embarrassed to ask you to wait for 1 week but you can be assured that the case has reached the right place and should yield some results.

you: May I ask how long it has been referred to the Specialist Team for if that is possible?
Sulabh: It was referred to them on 22/12/2013
Sulabh: So, I request you t have patience until the issue get resolved.

Okay so now he’s telling me it was certainly referred to the Game Studio/Specialist Team/Monkeys who make this game on 22/12/2013. Conflictingly information to what I was told 3 days ago! The cheek of telling me I need to have patience after waiting 27 days and not getting in contact with them for a couple of weeks.

So yeah that’s where my case currently is… I don’t have a clue. I don’t even think they have a clue. All I want, is for someone at EA to tell me why I am or why I am not getting my coins back.

I forgot to mention that the Community Manager Robb sent an email to whoever deals with this sort of thing directly on the 6th January, so with any luck that should get my case dealt with a bit quicker and perhaps more directly. Fingers crossed!


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